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    DAC recommendation to go with Node 2i (D90SE, X26 Pro)

    I am looking to improve the sound of my system and from what I read going for an external DAC should give me some improvement over the one in the Node 2i. My amp is Naim XS3 and speakers are Q Acoustics Concept 500. I listen primarily to Tidal and sometimes Spotify. I have grown quite accustomed...
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    Denon X3700H and Musical Fidelity M5si HT Bypass/pre out problem

    Hi, I recently got a Musical Fidelity M5si integrated to drive the fronts in my 5.1 setup. It features an HT bypass function that turns one of the Aux ports into a home theater bypass at the flip of a switch on the back of the amp. However, running the system in this fashion produced very poor...
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