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  1. JaccoW

    Show us your Raspberry PIs, Intel NUCs and other mini PCs!

    While some of you are familiar with the Raspberry Pi or its more powerful brother, the Intel NUC, I wonder what people are using in their audio setups. The last few years a large number of mini PC manufacturers has sprung up using anything from 10W chipsets to firebreathing high-end laptop CPUs...
  2. JaccoW

    Could use some help with a DIY turntable mishap (Lenco L60)

    So I have been enthusiastically modding the old Lenco L60 turntable my parents gave me and have been overhauling and rewiring it... and breaking and repairing some other parts. Some of you might be glad I listened and redid the power wiring inside to standard colours (most notably...
  3. JaccoW

    So E95 fuel is at $9.05/gal. (€2.146/L) now here. What else has gotten more expensive for you this year?

    Fuel prices don't impact me too much since I don't own a car but Putin being an ass over at the border near Ukraine and Covid-19 has been driving up the cost of energy here in Europe. Granted, the Netherlands has always had relatively expensive gas prices but luckily I can do a lot using my...
  4. JaccoW

    Best (affordable) way to decouple my speaker stands?

    So I moved my Argon Audio Forte A5 active speakers from the classic Ikea Kallax cabinets to the matching speakers stands today and while I certainly like how they sound and look I do need to look into a better way to decouple them from the floor. The supplied 1cm silicon half balls do work but...
  5. JaccoW

    Show us your bicycles!

    Since we already have a Show us your cars-thread, and bicycles can be just as much fun geekery, I thought why not start a similar thread? What bicycles do you have or have you owned in the past?
  6. JaccoW

    Studio monitors for a living room setup?

    So I'm currently rebuilding my audio setup from scratch again and as a stop-gap solution I moved my computer monitor speakers down to the living room. As it is I'm using a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5 studio monitors in combination with a Topping E50 Dac. This sounds great but they are slightly...
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