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  1. naviivan

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    I think this would depend on your int. amp. if your integrated amp had a passive volume pot then you could. If it has a pre amp section with gain then it might be tricky. If you had a amp with a passive volume pot in front then I would just use the volume pot instead of this unit.
  2. naviivan

    Hasselblad X2D - 100 megapixel Mirrorless Camera

    i look forward to trying out the x2D as a x-1D owner and user the issue i have with it is that it’s a bit slow for shooting people. still life is good. i upgraded from H4D -31 which i still find as a better studio camera than x1D. Hasselblad mirrorless (X series) isn’t really aimed at the pro...
  3. naviivan

    Leema Acoustics Element DAC & Preamp Review

    A visual inspection before plugging it in would show it's 230V. You would think visual inspection and a little shake to listen to any rattling would be a good idea before plugging it in when people are sending equipment to him?
  4. naviivan

    Leema Acoustics Element DAC & Preamp Review

    What were the other DACs like 8 years ago?
  5. naviivan

    Leema Acoustics Element DAC & Preamp Review

    Amirm, It concerns me that you didn't even bother checking it was 230V before plugging it in......... and it took you half an hour to figure it out.
  6. naviivan

    3 Generations of Marantz flagship integrated amps measured

    still pretty impressive looking. searching ebay and scumtree for a unit now.
  7. naviivan

    3 Generations of Marantz flagship integrated amps measured

    The PM-90 is a better unit because it looks better. who cares about sound when amps have with wooden sides. Hook it up to a turntable and it will be the coolest system.
  8. naviivan

    New vs used HiFi, vote.

    My DIY power amp is new parts - except for the old chassis. All other gear is 2nd hand. I especially love buying 2nd hand gear cheap from audiophiles who treat the gear like their most prized possession.
  9. naviivan

    UWAYKEY: Can an $18 Amplifier Be Any Good?

    Would it be better if you measure it at 1 watt instead of 5W?
  10. naviivan

    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    sampling rate is always 44 or 48 I don't need to know it but volume level would be good to see as i use the dac for volume adjustment.
  11. naviivan

    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    just got a used ex5, has there been a mention on how/if possible to change the display on the screen to volume level instead of sampling rate? as i can’t find it in the manual
  12. naviivan

    Furutech NCF Clear Line Review (AC Optimizer)

    could of at least gave a larger coil for that price!
  13. naviivan

    AudioQuest NRG-X3 Review (AC Power Cord)

    Why do you do these test/reviews when we all know the outcome?
  14. naviivan

    Behringer Truth B2031A - how truthful is it? (review / modding)

    I had this speaker about 18yrs ago. I thought it sounded alright. Bit grainy highs but was the best at that price. Not sure how anyone is a small recording space would use these as the amp plates got REALLY HOT. Felt like a Class A amp.
  15. naviivan

    Hypex NC252 vs IcePower 125ASX2

    125ASX2 Pros: cheap to replace when one board fails Sounds pretty good. I like it over many cheaper Class D amps and A/B amps. Very good control over the bass. Cons: I've had a lot of board fails. Usually it's one channel that goes. Low input impedance.
  16. naviivan

    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    was going to be post #7 but got distracted by checking for any h95 going cheap on ebay. too many boxes. sounds complicated. what appeals to me with the hegel products is min. box count that family members can stream music to via airplay or watch movies on TV without needing me to switch dac...
  17. naviivan

    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    I would like to get rid of DAC + Pre +Power amp, What do you recommend as a better option?
  18. naviivan

    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    The H95 was meant to be my all in one dream amp that one day I wish I could afford and be an endgame amp. Now you ruined the fantasy for me @amirm I would like to imagine that you just had a faulty unit.
  19. naviivan

    cardas gold ref cables

    Superbestaudio friends, audio circle, stereo net, audio style, anywhere else but here. Just like you wouldn't praise measurements or Chinese made audio gear on SBAF. Know the culture of each forum before posting.
  20. naviivan

    cardas gold ref cables

    ASR probably isn't the right place to talk about expensive cable differences without measurements that back it up. It's all snake oil to the die hard members. Your topic get derailed pretty quickly.
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