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  1. digitalfrost

    What Moneyball-for-Everything Has Done to American Culture What Moneyball-for-Everything Has Done to American Culture You can make a thing so perfect that it’s ruined. By Derek Thompson Getty; Joanne Imperio / The Atlantic OCTOBER...
  2. digitalfrost

    If a volume pot fails, how does it fail? IEM safety with power amplifiers

    Just wondering because I have sensitive IEMs connected to a rather powerful amplifier. As long as I have a classic analog volume pot in between I should be safe right? Or not? What happens if these start to go bad...
  3. digitalfrost

    Any mobile SPL warners / alternative to Apple watch?

    I was in a loud environment and sadly didn't leave soon enough so now I'm having some problems. I saw that the apple watch can warn of those things: But I'm not an Apple user and I don't want to start. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Maybe something you can connect to your keychain and...
  4. digitalfrost

    There is something very, very wrong with today’s music

    Found this interesting article: There is something very, very wrong with today’s music. It just may not be very good. On warm summer nights, the park across the street from my house is filled with people playing...
  5. digitalfrost

    Looking for a uninterruptible power supply

    Just had multiple power outages in a single day. I've been wanting to get a UPS for a long time now. I think I will finally commit to this. The thing is. I will be in the same room with the UPS, so I'm looking for a device that is: - Quiet - Can handle high room temperatures (in summer -...
  6. digitalfrost

    DSP filter latency

    I am using EqualizerAPO both for crossover duties as well as overall correction. So far, I used custom made biquad IIR filters in EqAPO to do the crossover (24dB LR). Mind you I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just good at copying others homework. I measure the whole system with those filters...
  7. digitalfrost

    Recommendations for Loudness of Internet Audio Streaming and On-Demand Distribution

    Updated recently (August 30th) and supersedes TD1004. I don't think much changed, but this is much easier to read and understand.
  8. digitalfrost

    foobar2000 v1.6.6 final has been released

    Download: Release notes: Version 1.6 overview This is a major update introducing new features and functional changes. Compatibility Windows 7 or newer is required, with a...
  9. digitalfrost

    I need noice cancelling headphones for the office

    So the company decided we would all be much better off in an office without walls. The whole building is still under construction and will be for some months. Also, I have a lot of people in the office that I can hear through my closed-back NAD HP50. I like the HP50, however I've calibrated it...
  10. digitalfrost

    Vinyl Record Industry Fears 'Vinylgeddon' After Fire Burns Down Apollo Masters Plant If any of you guys have some records on your buying list, I suggest you get them now.
  11. digitalfrost

    Can speakers be as precise as headphones?

    When I was young, I spend hours in the living room while my parents were watching TV, listening to music on headphones. They were either closed or half-open, whatever it was, sound didn't leak out enough to case a nuisance. From that age, I remember that headphones were somehow more detailed...
  12. digitalfrost

    Can you mix different stereo DACs in a setup?

    Assuming you have a multi-channel setup, or semi-active or fully-active stereo speakers, all with separate components: Can you simultaneously use multiple different stereo DACs? I'm thinking different time-delays in the DA conversion could be an important factor. Especiallly if you run a...
  13. digitalfrost

    Knives. Knifethread.

    Audiophiles are people that like overbuilt things. Things that are much better than necessary. Looking at the watch thread, I realized one thing. I might have a hifi problem, and I might have a watch problem. But for sure, I do not have a knife problem. I mean these are just 4 of my...
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