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  1. Icboschert

    WTB: Revel F206 or 208 (PAUSED)

    If anybody is looking for sell, I'm interested. Upper midwest of U.S. a major plus
  2. Icboschert

    Anthem MRX 520 HDMI issues

    My receiver started doing some crazy things lately. Whenever I have an HDMI device in any of the ports, the audio signal drops, comes back and then sometimes switches to Headphones. There seems to be a gremlin messing with the circuits??? I will be contacting Anthem on Monday... Video link...
  3. Icboschert

    SOLD FS: Khadas Tone Board with 3D Printed Case

    I don't have pictures of it but can add later. Standard Khadas Tone Board will ship with original packaging and the addition of a pretty basic 3D printed case I made for it. Selling because I wanted to use the DAC with my work set up but the KTB requires driver installation I can't perform on a...
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