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  1. Sam1879

    Listening to music in multichannel mode

    I was impressed how multichanel sound processing for music enhanced the imersive experience of listening to music on my 5.1 sound system (home cinema) with a Denon AVR-S650H and low cost speakers. Would it be a good thing on a high end sound system with high end speakers and amplifiers and...
  2. Sam1879

    Music with amazing sub bass. Anything goes.

    Please don‘t miss this track. if your system can reproduce it, you will feel the sound ;)
  3. Sam1879

    What are we listening to right now..

    Enjoying a beautiful rainy evening. Turn up volume at Running on Fumes ;)
  4. Sam1879

    What Measurements Show These Things?

    "slew rate" is sometimes given in amplifier ratings and refers to changes in voltage output of the amp (Voltage-Change / Time) as far as i know, but so has a direct connection to current i think. (P = U * I) i'm not sure if it is the correct start for an answer to your question, but maybe there...
  5. Sam1879

    Review and Measurements of Nord One NC500 Amp

    but thinking back... i think it was really an unbalanced output when the hiss happend.
  6. Sam1879

    Review and Measurements of Nord One NC500 Amp

    thanks for sharing your experiences. as far as i remember i had (and still have) it balanced directly on the smsl su8v2 dac, but is quite a while ago. maybe it was really connected with a rca-xlr cable on an unbalanced dac output. i‘m not 100% sure anymore.
  7. Sam1879

    Review and Measurements of Nord One NC500 Amp

    Hi there Just wanna share my experiences with this amp, made short. Had this amp for maybe a year now, and i can recommend it almost in every aspect. Subjective review: Sounds great on: power demanding Infinity Kappa 6.2i, Kappa 8.1i and Kappa 8 Sounds not so good on: less power demanding Dali...
  8. Sam1879

    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Thank you. Just checked the TDA7294 documentation and specs, and there are already some thoughts about it on this forum. Seems to be at least something very similar to a TDA7294. Though the chip doesn't look exaxtly like pictures of the TDA7294. Chip in the AMP is not labeled, but also if its...
  9. Sam1879

    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Hi there. My first Post :) There are many offers of these 80/100W per chanel Audience AMP25 / AMP35 Amps on Aliexpress. It offers LineIn and Bluetooth, and it's described with "0.08% THD". It's descibed as a MOSFET-Amp with "Superior Sound Quality" Price is under 200$, with PS usually. Would...
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