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  1. Gorgonzola

    DIY audio, where to get started?

    I think yours is a good suggestion about Akitika. I've been eyeing the Akitika PR102 preamp: $500 in kit form -- or $700 assembled. But given my 50/50 success record assembling electronic kits I realize that the extra 200 bucks might be well-spent. :(
  2. Gorgonzola

    DIY audio, where to get started?

    It seems to me that whether DIY is good value financially speaking generally depends on the value you add as opposed to buy, or if you prefer your "sweat equity" in the final result. Thus buying a complete speaker kit including the ready-to-assemble speaker cabinet, is almost certain to provide...
  3. Gorgonzola

    Pics you’ve taken,

    Cruise ship leaving Taiya Inlet, Alaska, June 21, 2019 ...
  4. Gorgonzola

    Show us your Cars

    Geez :mad: I really hate cars. Unfortunately they are a necessity in many places such as around here. Attached is a pic of the '17 Toyota Corolla I just bought while it was still on the used car lot. It cost a stupid amount of $$$ for a 5+ y/o car -- virtually as much as brand new one, but at...
  5. Gorgonzola

    What a big vacuum tube! Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

    Aren't big vacuum tube really just big dick surrogates? ;):)
  6. Gorgonzola

    Hasselblad X2D - 100 megapixel Mirrorless Camera

    Nice review of the X2D by Tony Northrup ..
  7. Gorgonzola

    Show us your home theatre setup

    Sorry, no pic, that ain't going to happen. But here's a diagram of my very ad hoc HT setup ...
  8. Gorgonzola

    Blind Test Results: Benchmark LA4 vs Conrad Johnson Tube Preamp

    I guess I wonder about the relevance of statistical insignificance if only 7 people or indeed only 1 person can consistently hear a difference (in blind testing). If the trials involving those 7 people was too small, what if the number of trials were increased for these folks and the results...
  9. Gorgonzola

    New McIntosh Turntable

    What? No meters?
  10. Gorgonzola

    Snake oil in photography

    I briefly owned a Leica M4 circa 1968. It was mid-run two-stroke model as I recall; it had the rigid Summicron f/2 50mm lens. Simply put it was the finest built and finished piece of hardware that I've ever owned. I needed an SLR however, so sold it in favor of a Nikon F. I payed $350 for it...
  11. Gorgonzola

    What lenses are you currently using?

    The Leica Q2 looks like a really exquisite camera. Unfortunately it also has an exquisite price. I'm a bit of a Fujifilm fan and also poor, so if I were looking for a compact fixed lens camera I'd probably opt for the Fujifilm X100V camera. It's APS-C versus full-frame and has 35 vs. 28mm...
  12. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    I say to RAW enthusiasts that I'll give it a try. For a lot of casual photographers -- and I include myself -- it may add a layer of nuisance that they don't need all or any part of the time, not to mention that many cameras and most (or all?) smart phones don't support RAW. For me RAW will be...
  13. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    Well, I have downloaded and installed both Camera One 22 (that's supposed work with Fuji RAWs) and also Fujifilm X RAW. Now I need to take some RAWs photos and try them out. ;)
  14. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    Yes, a very good suggestion what I didn't use when taking those picture. A problem, though, was that I had no idea at the time what the problem was or what had caused it; my first thought was that something was wrong with the camera.
  15. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    Well that's pretty neat, but haven't been using RAW; maybe someday.
  16. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    No, I've never gotten into RAW. Maybe someday I'll experiment with it. Meanwhile my JPEG results are generally quite satisfactory.
  17. Gorgonzola

    Color catastrophe avoided

    When I got home from our South West vacation trip and viewed for the first time pictures taken with my Fuji X-T2 camera, I was shocked. I discovered that dozens of photos were severely color distorted -- horribly skewed to the magenta ... I was appalled and fearful that many pictures were...
  18. Gorgonzola

    What lenses are you currently using?

    This is all very impressive -- or perhaps I really mean mind-boggling. I haven't dabbled with RAW capture, instead I just go JPEG. Without the sophisticated tools and expert knowledge I'm not sure I'm worse off. Viewing you example picture on my basic 4K monitor I can see differences --...
  19. Gorgonzola

    What lenses are you currently using?

    To generalize a bit, I agree that Fuji does well on WB, certainly outdoors. It's a bit spotty indoors, especially for close-ups. E.g. I was taking some close-ups of a small piece of equipment to sell on eBay. The background I had handy was beige in color; the results had that background in a...
  20. Gorgonzola

    What lenses are you currently using?

    My most common carry is either my Fuji X-T2 with the Fuji 18-55mm, OR if I want to go lighter, I'll take the X-T10 with the TTartisan 27mm "pancake" lens. I think white balance checking is a great idea I've been neglecting. Some recent experience ought to have taught me that relying on the...
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