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  1. HooStat

    Monitor Audio Silver 50 7g Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin

    I have the 500 7g floor standers plus the center channel and I really love them. I point them straight ahead and have the grill covers on, so it is a perfect balance for me. I was thinking of replacing my office speakers and these might be perfect.
  2. HooStat

    Car Audio Subforum?

    There are a lot of areas where measurements would be useful. Sound dampening is one. Car acoustics is another. Another vote for such a forum (though given the time since the original post, I am guessing it isn't going to happen).
  3. HooStat

    Kef Blade one Meta - How is the sound ?

    I like subjective reviews that are very practical -- A/B comparisons, quasi-blind listening, etc. Nice read.
  4. HooStat

    What SHOULD An HT Center Channel Speaker Sound Like?

    Is it realistic to expect most people to address room issues for home theater? (Not the people on this site who are willing to put in the work, but the 99% of other people who expect things to work.) Plus, a center channel is often compromised in terms of design or placement. I suspect that a...
  5. HooStat

    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    But in a room in a home (22' x 16' by 10') I get response to 27 Hz. I don't listen loud (<80 db at 3 meters), so it is more than enough. Would I turn down a sub? No. But I sold my 8361a speakers to get these. They are just better balanced speakers for the way I use them. At this level of...
  6. HooStat

    Genelec Ones setup

    I think of it as an upgrade. The 8361 were just too big and awkward. I still get down to about 27 Hz in my room with the 8351b. I am much happier with these. For 99% of things, it is impossible to tell the difference at reasonable volumes.
  7. HooStat

    Genelec Ones setup

    I had the 8361 with the same RME that you had. It sounds great and the volume control was easier. Now I have 8351b and GLM volume control. And I am using the Hosa converter. And it works great. I miss seeing the volume as I did with the RME. I ended up getting a used MiniDSP SHD Studio...
  8. HooStat

    HOSA ODL-312 Toslink to AES/EBU adapter $75 shipped

    Used for about 3 months. Works perfectly. I just ordered a MiniDSP SHD Studio so I don't need this anymore. I used this to connect my TV's digital audio output to my Genelec SAM speakers. Includes shipping in the continental US.
  9. HooStat

    Neumann NDH 20 Closed-Back Headphones $325

    Can you mark this sold when time permits? Thank you.
  10. HooStat

    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    How are you handling the sub crossover and the multichannel signals? It all looks great.
  11. HooStat

    Ascend Acoustics new Klippel optimized speaker

    It probably shouldn't be used on its side. You can do it, but the vertical dispersion (which becomes the horizontal dispersion when rotated) isn't that great for a home theater center channel.
  12. HooStat

    Linkwitz Dipole v. Genelec 8351B on practical grounds

    I literally run the optical out from my TV into my 8351B to watch TV and listen to Spotify. I adjust the volume through Genelec's GLM, which I also used to do room correction. It is about as minimal as it gets. I might add a streamer at some point, but I am kind of hoping for Spotify's...
  13. HooStat

    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    Just to summarize very briefly, the 86 dB measurement was excluded due to an error in an input parameter that Erin uses to generate anechoic distortion measurements. There is nothing of note in the non-anechoic 86 db measurement. For more details, see his video where he discusses the...
  14. HooStat

    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    Erin did his response linearity testing at 86 db. The obvious explanation is that he thought it wasn't useful since the distortion was so low at 96 db. EDIT: The actual problem was that Erin's distortion measurements are anechoic. To get those, he has to compare two separate measurements --...
  15. HooStat

    Anyone have opinions on Genelec "The Ones" vs 8000s?

    I don't think there is an audible difference between analog and digital inputs. But it avoids having to have a DAC which saves money and makes for a cleaner installation.
  16. HooStat

    Anyone have opinions on Genelec "The Ones" vs 8000s?

    I find that by the time you get a DAC and room correction, you end up spending as much as you would on the 83XX series. You don't have to -- there are inexpensive ways to do this too. But for people who don't want to spend time putting that together, I find that there is a lot of value in the...
  17. HooStat

    Topping A90 Discrete Review (Headphone Amp & Preamp)

    For those of us who are not audio engineers, can you explain in layman's terms why one would choose this over other similar products from Topping or others? I would like to be able to be able to appreciate it better.
  18. HooStat

    Monitor Audio

    I offered my Monitor Audio C250 7G but Erin was too busy at the time. Based on his recent output on the site, I can certainly see why! I am happy to send it to either Erin or Amir if we can get it scheduled. The matching towers might be a bit too big for my comfort. I do like them. They...
  19. HooStat

    are tower speakers necessary in 2022?

    There are no absolutes, but towers tend to have better power handling and better loudness capability, and higher sensitivity. Some people have preferences for the look. Towers provide more options for 3-way (or 4-way) speakers.
  20. HooStat

    Genelec 8330A Review (Studio Monitor)

    Not in the plots, but you get a DAC and room correction as part of the 8330. That is one key area of value. Room correction is probably more important than the differences in the plots. The DAC saves money, but you have to by the GLM system which offsets that savings.
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