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  1. iMickey503

    Hifiman HE400SE Review (Headphone)

    I just got these for a an old Beer Pong Buddy of mine. I figure if Amir liked them, they would make a great Birthday gift. I might buy a set for me just to try them out. Oh ASR.. What a great place to look for a audio gift for someone cool. Thanks Amir!
  2. iMickey503

    heatwave over uk and europe - oh some movies with coolness oh that feels so much better

    thats about how much I drank today. DANG! I got to get my butt to Europe!
  3. iMickey503

    star trek with cats

    Dude I love that Pussy cat! You know? I really like the testing area. Its so like random. Andy? DId you make this?
  4. iMickey503

    Pics you’ve taken,

    Mississippi Pizza , Portland Oregon. Outdoor seating. McMenamins Kennedy School. Portland Oregon. SunLan Lighting. Portland, Oregon. Raspberries close up. Albina Bike store Portland Oregon
  5. iMickey503

    Microphones go Bad? Video by Dave Rat.

    In his video "Vocal Microphones Go Bad" Dave Rat goes over how to test your microphones with simple gear that you already own. He also indicates how important it is to do maintenance on your microphones as spit and other foreign objects can collect on the diaphragm and alter its frequency...
  6. iMickey503

    best sound you ever heard

    I really haven't had that moment yet. And it would be a bittersweet day when it comes. I honestly can't remember a time I was ever satisfied enough to say it was a "best HiFi setup". The only thing that even comes close is when I was at Disneyland with the Captain EO ride. I can't...
  7. iMickey503

    Monoprice Blackbird Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)
  8. iMickey503

    Monoprice Blackbird Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)

    You know where this device would be perfect? Projectors. Set up an Old High Power DVI input only Projector, you got from Ebay, and use this $30 box with some Cheap AVR's you got used and you can throw shows like this in the park all day long and not worry about gear walking away or being...
  9. iMickey503

    Did Cocaine really make records sound over bright with Treble?

    Thank you everyone for offering your insight. I'm still on the fence about it. But it seems like there is some truth to it.
  10. iMickey503

    Did Cocaine really make records sound over bright with Treble?

    Is this an Old Wives Tale? She said at 6:22 that Cocaine is the reason why Records sound Bright in the 80's. Its claimed this was due to the Record Engineers being high on coke being the reason for treble being emphasized with the recordings on vinyl during that time. This seems hard to...
  11. iMickey503

    I Made an Unofficial ASR Discord Server

    You meet some WEIRD people in IRC.. And coming from me? That's saying something! I wonder if AOL Chatrooms are still a THING? Would be Weird if there was some Dude that was still in his Chat room waiting for People to Talk to.
  12. iMickey503

    Should I be worried that DROP does not know a keyboard from a Headphone?

    Honestly Doodski? I could of just bought a New pair for my kid months ago. I only returned it out of Principal to see if I was going to consider buying the higher end models in the line. This experience with the process and communication with them ruled that out entirely. I just...
  13. iMickey503

    Should I be worried that DROP does not know a keyboard from a Headphone?

    Well Hello. Long time No Update. That was MY FAULT. So. Lets examine what I got back. First. It DOES work. It did come in a Nice Box. It was Shrink wrapped. Time for processing was about 2 weeks. So pretty fast turn around. They do work well. The drivers are working great...
  14. iMickey503

    School Band Rehearsal Room Treatment

    The one think the U.K has done right is Acoustic in their schools. They even have a full guideline on this topic called the BB93 Acoustic design of schools and standards. Something like this would be the best cost per Attenuation in the room with ease of installation. But there are rules to...
  15. iMickey503

    24 bit audio

    Dude! I think I found the problem.
  16. iMickey503

    ASR-style Setup at Audio Show

    These are the systems I most enjoy. There is something about getting a system together for the price of 2 tickets to a movie theater. It's exciting to me. Can you describe what's in this $100 system? It has my interest.
  17. iMickey503

    Danny Ritchie's Rube-Tubes

    Why not skip the connectors all together?
  18. iMickey503

    Cheap Headphone Hangers?

    For those of us in CONUS / USA / Really sweet idea! Not going to use these for Headphones. But I got like 6 Weed wackers that would be PERFECT to put these on!
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