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  1. ripmixburn

    Diagramming tools for modelling component connection?

    I've seen some diagrams that illustrate how various audio components (amp, preamp, phono preamp, etc) are configured in an audio system. What do you recommend for this? I use Mac but I'm sure browsers could work too. Ideally something that has a set of symbols for audio (e.g. RCA cables, binding...
  2. ripmixburn

    How do my old ARC measurements look?

    I set both of my subs to 50% and used the calibrated mic that came with my (now ancient) Anthem MRX 300 and ran ARC on an old PC laptop. My attic has a low vaulted ceiling and there is a 100-200hz null in the sweet spot. Anything else noteworthy? I'm far from an expert but not sure room...
  3. ripmixburn

    Class D and a speaker selector or vintage receiver for ground floor?

    I currently have three pairs of speakers on my ground floor. One pair is for the main listening area, one in the kitchen, and one in the dining room. I never play more than two at a time at moderate volume. I’m currently using two integrated amplifiers, one with a speaker, selector, to get...
  4. ripmixburn

    Anyone using DSP/PEQ with vintage receivers?

    Learning that some late 70s amplifiers are still competitive with modern amplifiers, I'm tempted to get one to simplify my ground floor audio setup. I have an open concept floor with 3 pairs of speakers. Using an old "monster" like the Yamaha CR-2020 would offers the flexibility of A, B, B, A+B...
  5. ripmixburn

    Cheap component feet: skateboard wheels

    I bought a turntable for fun and didn't want the heat of my amplifier to accumulate too much, so I bought some skateboard wheels on Amazon and they worked like a charm. Quite a snug fit as the turntable feet fit nicely into the center of the wheels.
  6. ripmixburn

    Does room correction improve flawed speakers too?

    I've been using ARC Genesis room correction for 2.1 stereo ever since it supported my PW Link streamer. I recently connected a pair of vintage Dynaco A25 speakers which have a noticeable dip in the midrange. Probably too dumb a question for this audience, but can room correction discern between...
  7. ripmixburn

    Budget system for streaming/analog 2.1 with room correction?

    I've discovered so many great components on this site that I can barely keep track. In reimagining my main system I was looking for a collection of separate components that would comprise a budget-champ system. What would it feature? Network streaming from streaming services and local files...
  8. ripmixburn

    Anecoica: a Spanish crowdfunded horror film about… anechoic chambers?

    Acoustically related, I learned about a Spanish short film in development (crowdfunded) about, of all things, an anechoic chamber. À la the 1980 film Altered States (RIP William Hurt) and the sensory deprivation tanks, I suppose the journey inside the mind is the most terrifying. True for me...
  9. ripmixburn

    PET absorbers for low frequency?

    I'm in contact with a company who produces panels made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate, not domesticated animals). They send me their performance data for a 15mm (0.59 inch) thick panel… Does the low frequency absorption seem unusually high to you too or am I misreading it?
  10. ripmixburn

    Metamaterials for acoustic absorption/diffusion

    As an owner of the original KEF LS50, I was green to envy to to see them introduce the LS50 Meta containing an interesting man-made material that absorbed problematic interactions between the driver and the cabinet. The original LS50 measured poorly here, but the Meta fared far better. So if...
  11. ripmixburn

    Comparing ART phono preamps?

    Hi gang, I went to the hassle of making a table that contains the specifications for ART’s various phono preamps. I currently have a Rega Fono Mini A2D with a dead USB port and am looking to replace it. Seeing as these are all under $100 and the DJPRE II did well here, I'm wondering how these...
  12. ripmixburn

    Persian carpets: what type?

    Reading Art Noxon’s post on Acoustic Carpets for High End Audio Applications it's clear that aside from cheap carpet on felt pad, beautiful Persian carpets can provide great acoustic benefit for floor reflections. He mentions that: The pile is ⅝ to ¾ inches deep The knap is very dense, i.e...
  13. ripmixburn

    Room help: measuring and treating a vaulted ceiling room

    I don't even know where to start with this vaulted ceiling room, aside from a persian carpet for in front of the sofa. I can't seem to get a focused stereo image, though the bass seems even where the subwoofer is. The room is 13.5 deep and fairly symetrical aside from the dormer window. It used...
  14. ripmixburn

    Why is the weaker amplifier louder?

    I picked up a Rotel RMB-1565 (ICEpower) multi-channel power amplifier to offload the duties from my aging Anthem MRX300 home theatre receiver, which was recently repaired. I decided to compare the power amplifer sections of both by using the left channel with the Rotel and the right channel...
  15. ripmixburn

    High pass filter graph calculation?

    For a basement system, I bought a little subwoofer with a built-in high pass filter that would allow me to fill in the bass where my bookshelf speakers struggle. My bookshelf speakers are specified at: Frequency response 80Hz to 20KHz ± 3dB. Input impedance 4Ω. The subwoofer’s speaker-level...
  16. ripmixburn

    Spotify Car Thing: like a Squeezebox Touch on-the-go?

    I've always found the various iterations of the Sonos Amp and Port (pre-amp) to be wildly over-priced, especially as they don't even include a screen. I've long been a fan of the form factor of the Squeezebox Touch, and recently watched this review of the new Spotify Car Thing. Though I'm...
  17. ripmixburn

    Which measurements match typical audiophile descriptions?

    Timing, airiness, weight, depth, pinpoint imaging, "emotion"… I hear descriptions like this in audio equipment reviews all the time. Which ones, if any, correlate to which measurements? (I think this would make a great article or video btw)
  18. ripmixburn

    Is TIDAL on Apple TV a decent source?

    I love the visual interface, and the convenience… but I have no idea if the TIDAL (or any music app) on my Apple TV is providing a good audio signal via HDMI to my receiver. A cursory search has not returned any measurements. Has this been done? Would love to know.
  19. ripmixburn

    Do IsoAcoustics products affect dispersion?

    I picked up some of their pro stands a few years ago after getting a demo in person at a local show. Could certainly be placebo, but the results in both cases (show and at home) were pretty dramatic in terms of providing focus to the stereo image. IsoAcoustics now sells many products including...
  20. ripmixburn

    Canadians: does Yorkville compare to Crown?

    I haven't compared the specs to the Crown or Behringer power amp yet, but seeing as lack of power in my amp is most likely the reason for my unsatisfactory sound, I am tempted to rent one of these for a month and see how it compares to my entry level Anthem AV receiver (MRX300) for stereo music...
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