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  1. DSJR

    Hearing Loss & new gear

    I have to chip in and ask if you can get your hearing professionally checked. I benefit from the NHS here (they try so hard under often difficult circumstances)) and the aids I have are equivalent to a good mid priced pair of privately bought types. The difference for me was that previously, the...
  2. DSJR

    Chord Mojo

    I wouldn't say the Mojo performs badly on the bench to be fair, but one thing I've learned qwuite late in life after decades working in small medium to higher end audio stores, holding court on my dem room (FFS!) is that if the eyes are part of the listening and comparison, all bets are well and...
  3. DSJR

    Front or rear ported monitors in very small room...

    LS3/5A's in trad KEF-driver form have a deliberate bump-up in the response at 120Hz or so and nothing below 80Hz apart from doubling. The response above shows me that a 3.5A unequalised wouldn't be a good idea. Small actives offer so much these days and for little money. Could a half decent sub...
  4. DSJR

    Celebrity RIP Thread

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She, Stevie and Lindsey between them, wove such magic spells in the songs on their classic albums, each bringing a different facet to the wonderful whole. Too close to home this, so...
  5. DSJR

    Nagaoka MP-200, Ortofon 2M Bronze, or another option?

    Back in the day, older cartridge designs suffered a mid kHz suckout followed by a tip resonance peak at 15kHz or so. Sometimes, increasing loading capacitance could reduce the suckout considerably *without* messing with the peak higher up. In the case of older Ortofons, adding 100pF either...
  6. DSJR

    Aiyima A07 PRO

    Up until the late 70's, it was *perfectly* possible to sell high end products with tone controls and most of these could be bypassed to reduce noise a little and maybe (imagined or not?) subtly improve perceived sound quality, although I now believe this was more to do with slight level...
  7. DSJR

    Nagaoka MP-200, Ortofon 2M Bronze, or another option?

    The 2M Blue is a tetchy old thing to get right and is a bit lively, very like its 520mk2 and OM20 predecessors. The Bronze (simply change the stylus) still has sparkle, but it's far better managed and I love it to bits, finding it less scrappy than the Goldring 1042 can be. The Nagaokas *to me*...
  8. DSJR

    Kef Corelli? Anyone?

    They were nice actually. Not really for shelf use (as we demmed them) as the mid bass gets a touch 'tubby,' but today on highish stands, I'd say they'd be quite good still and not too wayward in response. Crossover caps may be tired now (even the classic 105 crossovers drift off now if an HFN...
  9. DSJR

    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    Late reply with apologies. In the UK, it was kind-of already done, but with little more than hardboard rather than card. The Mission 70 used very thin panels which fit together front and back rather like a cardboard box with removable lid, the front part covered in the speaker cloth and...
  10. DSJR

    Genelec, how great are they really? The best?

    Hiss from more than very close up no longer an issue for me :D
  11. DSJR

    Sennheiser HD569 Headphone Review

    I still like my HD25SP's for when I'm not wearing my 'aids, the peak in the upper kHz region no longer a major issue and the bass is clean and not boomy/thick. Prices of this simple model without the more sophisticated main model's headband not bad last time I looked.
  12. DSJR

    Rescued my brothers Rotel RA-970BX

    Good amp I remember. The pre and power versions were good as well.
  13. DSJR

    Genelec, how great are they really? The best?

    For pauper penny pinchers like me looking at used examples, what about the earlier box shaped Genelec models (that Behringer ripped off not too badly wither)? I know they may not be as advanced technically as the current curvy models, but how might they compare with the sub $/£1,000 active...
  14. DSJR

    What is Alan Shaw on about? (is "coloration" unmeasurable?)

    Surely we need to keep the variables in the playback down so the only major effect on presentation/reproduction via a loudpsealker is the room interface? Adding in a fixed-eq graphic equliser via a *typical* domestic enthusiast valve amp is not a good idea. been there, done that, had the charm...
  15. DSJR

    Extreme Snake Oil

    I had enough of that nonsense via the (gifted to me) Densen 'De Magic' CD. A blast of the most obnoxious atonal noise through the system which then fades out, fecking up one's ears even out of the room but within earshot of the din and 'everything' then sounding total shite thereafter for a few...
  16. DSJR

    What is Alan Shaw on about? (is "coloration" unmeasurable?)

    I still think it's a matter of production scale as much as anything. The 40 series is a big box (far more costly to supply in the inevitable more limited quantities - I suspect but admittedly with no proof). the midrange unit sits in its own sealed enclosure and I wonder if Harbeth don't make...
  17. DSJR

    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    Not available in the UK yet. Heresy out of stock and was £145 here. Got to say I like the cheeky red trimmings in the case - pleases these eyes anyway and if the eyes have it with a performance like this, it'll 'sound' good too :D It's been said that Jason et al chooses components to 'fine...
  18. DSJR

    General Question

    Oh dear - rather than try to argue the case, he loses it and stomps off. Back in the day, I used to compare cables and could hear a meaningful difference between them as well as direction (shock, horror!). Thing is, the ones with the most obvious 'sound' were flawed in some way (very high...
  19. DSJR

    What is Alan Shaw on about? (is "coloration" unmeasurable?)

    I'm not spreading lies nor rumours - you forget I was in the UK industry for decades and know some of these people personally, as they used to visit us regularly (or me visiting them in the case of ATC)!!!!!! The Spendor situation is a private group primarily focused on the Spencer-designed era...
  20. DSJR

    What is Alan Shaw on about? (is "coloration" unmeasurable?)

    Oh FFS! I know the ex Spendor chap a little from his posts elsewhere and his revelations, while not scandalous in any way, confirm what I said above as regards the way Spendor basically took from a 'corporate' parts bin to bring out new models, the results quite often being a bit 'peaky' and...
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