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    It uses Yosemite and it works fine. I should mention that I am currently using Legacy 1.8 and not Arc 2.0 as I am worried that the Mac Mini will run out of puff eventually (and I don’t intend to use Arc), but I was part of the 2.0 trial and it again worked fine then.
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    I used a 2009 Mac Mini that I picked up for C$200 on EBay for a Roon core without any issues. The stated required specifications are massively overdone.
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    Full range floorstanders ~$4000 budget

    I used to own them and quite liked them, but I always felt that they struggled in my small, oddly-shaped listening room. They were absolutely gorgeous, and that goes a long way for me. Here were my in-room measurements (L, R, Ave.); however with Audiolense I was able to get a very smooth FR. I...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Kef R and Q series on sale (at least in Canada). Interestingly, the R3 discount (C$1,000) as a percentage of MRSP is significantly larger than their more expensive speakers. Clear out ahead of a new product launch? o_O...
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    Making generalizations about music, another example of the 'Streetlight Effect' / "Drunkard's Fallacy"

    Music actually peaked in 1971.
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I actually don't think I have ever auditioned a speaker before buying it, but that may have more to do with my discomfort with being trapped in an listening room and making small talk with a salesperson for more than two minutes.
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    JBL A130: Help a Noob!

    Just make sure the two wires aren’t touching when they’re connected. Then never worry about it again.
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    JBL A130: Help a Noob!

    Get rid of the banana plugs and just connect using the bare wire?
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    Do you have a favourite song?

    BTW - Mine is Motorway to Roswell by the Pixies.
  10. GDK

    Do you have a favourite song?

    What song is this? The video isn’t available in Canada for some reason.
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    EQ in ROON guidance

    Then I would say play around until you find some settings that you like. It seems like you are on the right track. Unfortunately, every room and speaker is different and therefore the community is likely to be of limited assistance without seeing some proper measurements, which would allow us...
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    EQ in ROON guidance

    This is a good guide, but you need some form of calibrated measurement mic, like a UMIK-1.
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    Integrated that can subjectively compete with Benchmark stack?

    Zip ties are a miracle invention when it comes to reducing cord clutter. However, failing that, a used Accuphase integrated with the added phono and DAC cards will get you a long way towards an all-in-one version of your Benchmark system.
  14. GDK

    is this space/place enough for removing heat from nad m33 or it will over heat?

    My take is that OP loves music a lot and decided, after finding some spending money, he decided to "invest" in a new system at home and had very high expectations as to what that would deliver, because he believes that all you need to do is to throw more money at the problem to achieve better...
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    Do you have a favourite song?

    For my own personal use, I am trying to compile a playlist of my Top 1000 songs. However, I am sure that I have forgotten a few classics along the way and so I am curious as to what everyone else would nominate as their one, all-time, favourite song. The one that's always overplayed. Your sine...
  16. GDK

    How to make music in my small basement same as mark levinson in my car , and whats the next upgrade step after kef r3? bookshelves.

    I am beginning to wonder if the M33 is even fully burned in as yet. I think that requires at least 60 hours…
  17. GDK

    m33 , and kef r3 what cross over settings i should use?

    Rather than AI, I am going to go with performance art.
  18. GDK

    What pets have you had? Post pics of your pets, previous or now. Why do I love my pet so much?

    Unfortunately, I think there is something wrong with my pet :(
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