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  1. TheBatsEar

    New mini PC i can recommend

    In case anyone is looking for a new mini PC, i can recommend this one: I have a Thinkpad X230 as my "server", running Debian on a 2TB SSD, with 126TB of USB storage, in a cupboard. It does all sorts of things for me, from piracy to documentation of...
  2. TheBatsEar

    Klippel optimized Magnat Vector 207

    I bought a bunch of stuff from a dude that wanted to get rid of his old stereo. Amongst it was a pair of Magnat Vector 207, built around 2012 to 2015. The marketing material says "Klippel optimized": It's unknown what Klippel optimized means. Did they use a Klippel system in QA? Did they use a...
  3. TheBatsEar

    My UMIK1 broke, the front fell off

    Yeah, it broke, the front fell off. The front part that holds the microphone capsule seems to be not screwed in, but glued, and mine simply fell off. :facepalm: The cables are still connected and it still works, but should i expect the calibration to be off now?
  4. TheBatsEar

    GR-Research "Little Giant Killer 2.0"

    So i saw this video of Danny presenting his new "Little Gian Killer 2.0", a 3" wideband speaker box he developed: The kit without case costs almost 280 US, so i thought to myself "Maybe you can just ignore the pricey filter parts and use a MiniDSP instead". So i asked him: He didn't like it...
  5. TheBatsEar

    Getting started with making music :-)

    So i'll buy a few instruments and start making a few tunes for fun. I have no clue what i'm doing, can't even read notes. Since i always liked electronic music, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jarre, Aphex Twin and so on, i'll start with a small analog synthesizer and a small sample machine. I...
  6. TheBatsEar

    FS: Germany, NRW: Focal Chorus 826V 550€, Chorus CC800V 200€, Chorus 706 250€

    I'm selling some stuff i don't need to get room for new stuff i don't need.:cool: The Focal Chorus CC800V (200€) looks like this, i can send it inside Europe. I bought this used, as such it looks used (but still very good), don't have a picture right now: And the Focal Chorus 706 (250€) looks...
  7. TheBatsEar

    Building a low cost subwoofer for the home

    My very old Magnat subwoofer stopped working recently, time to get something new. Butget should be under 500€, i made it in 280€. Woofer: Looking at different woofers and their prices, i found the Alpine SWG-1244, 4 ohm (80€). It's a 12" car subwoofer that seems to be happy in a small, closed...
  8. TheBatsEar

    Wuzhi ZK-502H overview (TPA3116D2, [email protected])

    I recently looked for some solution to have music at my workbench (super tiny space where i fiddle with electronics). I have some spare speakers around, all i needed was an amplifier: should be inexpensive should be small should have a hardware volume knob While browsing Amazon, i noticed the...
  9. TheBatsEar

    Steinway & Sons speakers with plenty of strings I can imagine the discussions in the marketing team. Clown A: "What if we made a speaker?" Clown B: "Could be profitable. But we need a gimmick." Clown A: "We make pianos. They have...
  10. TheBatsEar

    WTB or swap: Apple dongle, US version

    I'm looking for the infamous US Apple dongle, but living in Europe, i only get the one with the limitations. No need for the original package either, just tossed in an envelope should do the trick. I'll have one coming to me now. Thanks :cool:
  11. TheBatsEar

    They have murdered "Tears for Fears" ... digitally!

    Check this out: ALL the existing digital formats are screwed! The compression, the clipping! Quoting my buddy Danny: "The sound engineers should be shot. Out of a...
  12. TheBatsEar

    Can we have a "Newly uploaded pictures" link under "What's new"?

    I enjoy discovering interesting stuff, from the beer thread over peoples living rooms to the latest in memology and nearby sciences. Can we have a "Newly uploaded pictures" link under "What's new"? Or is this a feature hidden somewhere else?
  13. TheBatsEar

    Hypex Ncore NC252MP market overview

    I was trying to buy a NC252MP module to give Class D a try, but couldn't order it by itself anywhere. Hypex forbids the sale of the modules to DIY tinkerers such as me. So i took some time and collected the OEMs that use that specific module in their amps. Every single one of them would have...
  14. TheBatsEar

    Listen to this 12 year old rant :-)

    He is one of us, clearly. What an entertaining rant :cool:
  15. TheBatsEar

    Download this Focal Test-CD as long as it's still there

    There: And here is some background: Some tracks contain extreme bass frequencies, be mindful with the volume. The chello track ripped off my toupee and opened my sinuses.
  16. TheBatsEar

    Low distortion is the goal, not smooth FR

    I know most of you are on a quest to get the smoothest frequency response possible. My quest however is about about low compression and distortion, as well as lack of resonances. Any speakers that don't cost much, say less than 1000, that i should look into? They don't have to be full range...
  17. TheBatsEar

    Inside Yamaha amps

    Anyone interested in looking inside Yamaha amps? I have a bunch in my collection, most of them need repair, all of them have to be opened eventually for dusting. I'll start with some pictures i made inside a A-S1000 that i bought for 500€ in mint condition. This one weighs 25kg, it's a serious...
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