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  1. SIY

    Disappearing Dirac

    So after the latest involuntary system update from M$ (W10), Dirac Live and all of my project files have disappeared from my computer. Has anyone else experienced this? @Flak
  2. SIY

    PSA: Audacity

    If this has already been discussed, my apologies. On top of its other issues, Audacity is spyware.
  3. SIY

    Follow Up: Puffin Phono DSP Preamp

    Image shamelessly stolen from Amir @JPJ kindly sent me his Puffin stage for some further measurements following the brief review by Amir. After an unconscionable delay, here we go. First, the basics. First, I flashed the ROM with the latest firmware version (1.20), which got rid of some of...
  4. SIY

    Barrie Gilbert RIP

    Sadly, I was informed this morning of the death of Barrie Gilbert. Barrie was one of the very best analog designers on this planet, with a wonderful approach to very fundamental problems. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but his writings and lectures gave me an excellent...
  5. SIY

    A Tale of Two Phono Preamps, Part 1: Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+

    Member @BDWoody was kind enough to send two phono preamps my way for testing. One was the Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+, the other was an almost-antique (vintage 1983) Straight Wire Audio (SWA) Phono Preamp. The results and comparison were interesting... Let's start with the Pro-Ject. Physically, it's...
  6. SIY

    Our "we miss things about Chicago and Milwaukee" dinner

    Wife and I got ambitious and made two kinds of pierogi. Mushroom and home-made sauerkraut; potato and home-made ricotta. Browned onions in butter to top. Gruet Brut to wash it down. I was tempted to post this in "Science of Healthy Eating." @j_j @scott wurcer
  7. SIY

    For the moment, I'm the coolest kid on the block

    Guys from the high end magazines get their cool toys to play with. Guys from AudioXpress get this. I prefer this.
  8. SIY

    A useful cable article

    This just dropped into my mailbox from a company I put in the same basket as Audio Precision (i.e., serious, reliable, totally professional). It shows the real issues around cables approached from a practical scientific perspective. And the charts actually have axis labels so you can see what...
  9. SIY

    Shameless Self Promotion- 1MORE Triple Driver Over Ear Headphones

    My review from February's issue of AudioXpress has been put online. As a follow-up, they have become my daily drivers for headphone listening, despite me looking pretty dorky with them on while I'm out hiking the mountain trails. Note the excellent product photography from my wife (more...
  10. SIY

    Quickie: Apple iPhone Lightning Headphone Adapter

    I know that Amir ran a review of a companion product, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I was doing measurements on two interfaces meant to allow musicians to use the iPhone as a recording setup but with high quality external mics. While I was doing this, I thought it would be worth...
  11. SIY

    G.R. Koonce, RIP

    G.R. Koonce, who wrote numerous educational articles on loudspeaker design and measurement in Audio Amateur, Speaker Builder, and AudioXpress, passed away this week. I never had a chance to meet him in person, but the clarity and depth of his articles guided a lot of us through some difficult...
  12. SIY

    Follow Up: Lounge Audio LCR Mk III measurements

    In a recent review of this phono stage, there was some discussion of the approach taken for measurement and interpretation of phono stages. This post is a follow up with additional measurements which I (and other designers and users of phono equipment) find necessary for evaluation. This a "in...
  13. SIY

    It's not just audio any more

    Someone has clearly been reading the crapola being promoted in the high end audio world. All the phraseology and descriptions look remarkably familiar.
  14. SIY

    Adobe Audition Help Needed

    I confess to being a total novice at this software. I use it for recording and playback, but haven't climbed the learning curve of audio editing. So... this is my plea for help. I want to do some editing and have something in mind that's conceptually straightforward but unusual. So this is my...
  15. SIY

    On DAC Linearity Measurement

    There's been a lot of discussion about DAC linearity measurements in various threads, so I thought I'd throw in my opinions and a few observations to support my thinking. I want to start by thanking Amir, who has generously shared project files, filters, and anything else I've asked for to try...
  16. SIY

    AXPONA 2018

    This will be short and not-so-sweet. There were a few cheap things there which seemed very interesting. the expensive stuff... not so much. There was a $395,000 pair of speakers which were huge, sounded huge, and sounded absolutely nothing like live music. I could pay for about 800 house...
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