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  1. Rottmannash

    Pioneer System from Long Ago

    Saw this truly incredible Pioneer system on IG. Check it out.
  2. Rottmannash

    Windows 11 Help

    Just bought a new PC and it is loaded w/ Win 11. Does anyone have a handle on the changes from 10? Small but irritating things are popping up-for instance when I right click on a file to either delete it or send it to another drive it requires me to click on the bottom icon to reveal the...
  3. Rottmannash

    Need Advice on Purchasing New PC

    I am currently using a fairly dated ASUS PC that has been serving me well but lately been freezing up for no apparent reason and can't display 4k content. I need a new PC but don't need a blazing fast computer as I don't game but do watch and edit 4K GoPro videos, stream music and surf the web...
  4. Rottmannash

    Worth Replacing Amp?

    I obtained this Polk sub which has a non-working amp. Is this sub good enough to warrant buying a replacement amp, which looks to cost around $250. Don't know if the speaker/enclosure is quality or not.
  5. Rottmannash

    NAD new C 3059 LE Stereophonic Amplifier

    Finally VU meters! Unfortunately very limited availability.
  6. Rottmannash

    Marcus King Livestream Free

    Marcus King live from the Ryman tonight and tomorrow night on
  7. Rottmannash

    Nice List of Dolby Atmos Scenes

    Nice list of scenes to give your HT a work out. tps://
  8. Rottmannash

    New Class D Tech at CES
  9. Rottmannash

    Will This Change Audio?

    This sounds promising.
  10. Rottmannash

    How Much Power?

    I have the D90 SE>XLR Schitt Frey+ (passive buffer) >XLR VTV Pufifi>Revel F208's. Today I wanted to see how loud the system could play at unity gain so put on the hi rez version of Comfortably Numb and let's just say it was a quasi-religous experience. Is there a way to calculate how much...
  11. Rottmannash

    Schiit Yggdrasil ‘OG’ Measurements (One month warmup test) by GoldenSound

    Saw this and found it mildly interesting.
  12. Rottmannash

    Good Deal?

    Just saw these for sale for $100 on Next Door. Are they with worth that?
  13. Rottmannash

    Which Direction Must the Sub Be Oriented?

    Just received my new THX 10" sub from Monoprice. Have a question about placement. I know it's a far more complex issue of where to place them but I can only put the sub in one place-beside the end of the sofa just across the room from the L F208. My question is, should I point the front of...
  14. Rottmannash

    New Hiby DAP

    Hiby is releasing a new DAP with R2R tech.
  15. Rottmannash

    Installing a WD Blue 1 TB 3D NAND SATA SSD

    I am going to replace my old HD from a laptop with a new WD Blue SATA SSD. It doesn't come with any migration software so I wondered if I could use the migration software that came with my other Samsung SSD's?
  16. Rottmannash

    Rotel RB-976MkII

    Bought this old Rotel 6 channel amp off CL several years ago for around $120. Still sounds good and when bridged is quite powerful but with much increased noise. Thought some might enjoy looking at an old class A/B multichannel amp. (looking at you @restorerjohn) BTW, what is under that clear...
  17. Rottmannash

    Speaker Placement Question

    I've read that placing L/R speakers to either side of a TV degrades sound. Truth? And how badly am I screwing up SQ with this alignment? I try to keep the speakers as far fwd as possible but my room isn't very deep.
  18. Rottmannash

    Where To Use This Power Cord

    I found this power cord in the closet and noticed it had a noise filter. On what component should I use this on?
  19. Rottmannash

    Sennheiser News
  20. Rottmannash

    Need A Wireless Sub Transmitter

    I can't place subs near my AVR and need a wireless solution. I've seen Emotiva has one. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?
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