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  1. Marc v E

    Best hifi buy vs top of the charts

    Thought I'd do a thread after the comments on the smsl dac that reminded me of a discussion after the minidsp flex. To be specific one on a chart about av interfaces, featuring both AVRs, dsp dacs and the likes of the Nad M33. I remember thinking: that's odd to place the minidsp flex on a chart...
  2. Marc v E

    Why so few subwoofer reviews?

    As per the title, I could find only 1 official measurement by Amir: the Rhytmic 12. Are they so uninteresting to measure or is it so easy to choose a good one by just specs or brand ?
  3. Marc v E

    B&O Beolab 9 measurements

    Hi all, Long overdue but finally done! I managed to measure my speakers with Rew. I measured using a umik1 microphone, in room, with the umik at my listening position. I don't use subwoofers or any eq. The first picture is the response with 1/24 smoothing applied; the second the raw result...
  4. Marc v E

    Filters and ringing

    I don't know much about this myself, but I Iike to learn and share what I have found. Here's a link from Geoff Martin's blog (Tonmeister from B&O) about filters and ringing: Geoff is great at communicating a difficult subject in bitesize chunks that are easy...
  5. Marc v E

    Which dac/preamp brands are reliable ?

    As I'm in the process of searching for a good dac and preamp (possibly only a dac used as preamp) I was wondering how reliable the top options really are? I'm a big fan of a well engineered product, both in measurements and in usability and reliability. I guess pretty much everybody is... But...
  6. Marc v E

    What makes music in Ready Player One- the movie- sound so good?

    As per the title, can anybody explain to me why old hits in new movies tend to sound so good? The bluray compared to the original cd release I mean. I noticed this with ready player one (but also many pixar movies.) It has many 80's hits in it, so I thought it's a good example...
  7. Marc v E

    Great cover versions

    As per the title, I would like to start a thread where the cover version of a song betters the original in performance and/or production quality. Here goes my entry: Meshell Ndegeocello, Ventriloquism (whole album, my favorites are waterfalls and I wonder if I take you home)
  8. Marc v E

    CamillaDsp Moode not working

    I'm very much a beginner when audio dsp is concerned but want to experiment with Rew and eq to see what can be achieved. I first started with my desktop setup consisting of a raspberry pi, a Topping dx7pro and Genelecs 8030 A. The Raspberri pi 4 (edit: 3b) has the latest version of MoOde and...
  9. Marc v E

    Miracle Motown download disappeared?

    Apparently Motown records has some classic albums with great dynamic range to download as flac. One example: But for the life of me I searched what seems the whole Motown records website, but no download options in sight! Does anybody know where I...
  10. Marc v E

    Car speakers. Are there any good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg?

    Say for a price between 100 and 400 euros for a stereo pair? (Midwoofers and tweeters)
  11. Marc v E

    Quanta magazine- recommended

    Maybe off-topic on an audio forum, yet still relevant if you are eager to learn and have fun with science:
  12. Marc v E

    Fixed vs Floating point explanation

    I came across a blogpost by Geoff from B&O and thought I'd share it because it is very clear and concise: I wonder if all dsp make use of floating point. Reading this blog I'd say it should give better SNR.
  13. Marc v E

    In wall speakers - are they the solution?

    Starting this thread because a post by @flyzipper in the most beautiful speaker thread got me thinking: wouldn't it be acousticly ideal and visually attractive to have your speakers built in the walls? Like in a double wall, serving both as a solution for keeping books and audio equipment and...
  14. Marc v E

    Recommended shielded rca?

    Is there such a thing as a shielded Rca cable that does what it promises and if so, what should I look out for in such a cable? I've seen some subwoofer cables but the shielding is sometimes connected to one end, sometimes to none, single shielded or double shielded. My speakers are powered but...
  15. Marc v E

    Topping dx7 pro: an amazing product

    Based on the review here by @amirm I recently bought a Topping Dx7 pro. I've been working from home for about a year now and wanted a desktop system that could drive the Genelec 8030 and serve as a headphone amplifier in case I would miss the bass. At first I tried it in my main system and was...
  16. Marc v E

    Some nice recordings

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I became intrigued after I tried some recommendations from Amirm's reviews. I think I can give something back by linking to some playlists on Tidal that anybody can enjoy. They are not my own finds, but from B&O's tonmeister, so I'll post a link to them here...
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