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    Anthem STR Integrated vs MiniDSP+Purifi

    I would prefer not to get into a debate about measurements but I can hear a noticeable difference by bypassing the internal Dac and using the Holo Spring in my Chain. Specifically I'm running Bluesound Node (digital out) -> Holo Spring KTE (XLR out) -> Anthem STR (XLR analog in). So my...
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    Anthem STR Integrated vs MiniDSP+Purifi

    so follow up question for the Anthem.. I've added my Holo Spring KTE dac to the chain and have noticed an improvement over the onboard Anthem dac. Next week I'm getting the remote/mic/boom combo from anthem so would like to test out ARC. By using ARC am I taking the analog sound from the Holo...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Has anybody heard updated timing of this product release for 2022?
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    Just joined team Magnepan.. I pull them 3-5 feet in the room during primary listening and move back to the pictured position generally. I was going to wait for the LRS+ to come to my local dealer but Magnepan was being excessively slow and non-communicative with them on timing. In fact they...
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    Anthem STR Integrated vs MiniDSP+Purifi

    Just got a response from anthem. The kit for mic/boom/stand is $150 and the remote is $92. I assume likely the pricing on both of these is "worth" it. Also I'm now starting to look at a dual sub options to get a 2.2 setup for 80% music / 20% home theater. Wondering which of these options...
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    Anthem STR Integrated vs MiniDSP+Purifi

    I bought it yesterday... Unforunately it didn't come with a remote, the mic, or the stand. Do you think it's worth reaching out to anthem to ask how much these are? Or can I use any universal IR remote? Can I just get any USB mic to pair with the anthem ARC software or do you feel strongly...
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    Outlaw 2220 Review (Monoblock Amplifier) The specs are listed on the above link. In regards to the bolded part I've searched but I have not clue on how to answer the above. I could not find a measured curve across all frequencies nor phase angles. Perhaps I need to just blind...
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    Review and Measurements of Holo Audio May --- Probably the best discrete R2R DAC He's only posted 2 pics but the release is coming very soon.
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    Outlaw 2220 Review (Monoblock Amplifier)

    I have a few questions about the 2220: 1) I just bought a pair of Maggie 1.7i's which are nominal 4 ohms but have been measured down to 2.8 ohms at certain frequencies. The 2220 is rated to 4 ohms but not sure if going below this will strain the amp, cause it to clip, or trigger thermal...
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    Anthem STR Integrated vs MiniDSP+Purifi

    Was looking for some advice. I just bought a set of Maggie 1.7i's and am looking for an integrated or seperates to power it. I'm considering these 4 options: Hegel H190 (3200 new) Marantz Model 40N (1800 used) Anthem STR Integrated (2500 used) 2 Outlaw 2202 (700 new) + quicksilver tube...
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    Norne Audio Premium Headphone Cable Review

    I purchased a norne cable for my HD800s used and enjoy it very much. Very high quality cable.
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    Feliks Audio Arioso amplifier, or: Stereophile slides into irrelevance

    Congrats you are the one sane poster in a thread full of well you know...
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    Schiit Lokius Review (Equalizer)

    I want this.. would love to see it reviewed
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    You buy the BlueSound Node as a streamer solution and then run it digital out to your statement DAC and bypass the interal dac alltogether. The bluesound software is quite usable as a streaming solution when using your phone or tablet as the control.
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    Hell to the nah for me
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    Fiio BTR5

    Ifi go blu is now a competitor ?
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