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  1. laidick

    Look for the name of this connector in power station

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me what is the name of this type of gold plated connector in the picture? And what tools should I use to disassemble and reassemble it? Thanks.
  2. laidick

    Is there review of Revel Salon 2?

    As quite a few people here has Salon 2, as well as Amir of course. I wonder if there will be measurement review anytime soon ? Thanks.
  3. laidick

    Audio/Home Theater info in Singapore

    Hi there, I will be moving to Singapore soon. I wonder where would be the best place in Singapore for shopping around any audio equipment, or for home theater? Also, is there any good forum for buy/sale used equipment in Singapore too? Thanks
  4. laidick

    Unbalance to balance converter?

    I want to have very long cable (15meter) for subwoofer but pre only has RCA output, and subwoofer has XLR input. I believe it's best to use XLR for long run, so I am looking for a unbalance to balance device, if possible have voltage gain would be best. Is there such device available? Thanks.
  5. laidick

    Re-create harmonics and distortions in digital domain?

    some people might like the harmonics and distortions created by tube amp, however I don't want to have that component in my analog chain since I like everything to be transparent. Is there any product / device in the market that would create the same artifacts as a tube amp but in digital...
  6. laidick

    Subwoofer cable?

    Some people say subwoofer should use 75ohm coaxial cable, some cable claim themselves are specialized for subwoofer. What actually the difference between a normal RCA cable, say Canare 4E6S, vs a 75ohm cable, for subwoofer usage? Does distance matter in this consideration? Since usually we put...
  7. laidick

    On-wall speaker

    Does anyone have comment/recommendation on any on-wall speakers? Background of this question: I got Elac Vela speaker as front three (LCR), and I like the sound. Now I want to replace my surround/rear/ceiling speakers (total 8) with Elac series.(7.1.4 system) They have to be on-wall since my...
  8. laidick

    Subwoofer setup mystery...

    This page is really interesting... Completely wrong concept. (Use Google translate from Chinese to English) Basically it is saying the subwoofer phase adjustment should depends on your subwoofer direction relative to the MLP.... WTH?
  9. laidick

    Inakustik ac-3500p

    Does anyone know if this device has any effect on sound or picture quality on audio video system? How does it compare to other products like PS Audio P12? Thanks
  10. laidick

    Would USB cable carry noise from upstream to downstream?

    A friend of mine asked this, and I don't know how to answer. Say, we have a source player, USB output to DAC. The player is using very bad power with lot of noise, 60hz him etc etc.... And it passes the signal via USB to a very clean DAC, say if it is the Top Mola Mola DAC that amir just...
  11. laidick


    I am too happy with this setup in bedroom while not allowed to listen my living room. Can anything else be better ? Pi3B+ with Volumio installed as streamer USB to Topping D70 XLR to RCA to JDS Atom 6.5mm to HD650 I think I am done for now. Thanks ASR.
  12. laidick

    AVM60 subjective review by HTF I found that most reviews there are using words "I feel that..." "it feels like".
  13. laidick

    Pure digital AV processor?

    Given that most AV processor measurement are not so great here, is there any AV processor which has digital output (USB or AES) so we can have external DAC to do the hard job ? Ideally the AV processor just need to: Decode the surround format (Atmos, DTS, Auro3D etc...) Room Correction DSP...
  14. laidick

    Input sensitivity match

    hi, i have hypex NC502MP, the input sensitivity says 2.35Vrms as below: and the AVM60 XLR output has 8.4Vrms output would that introduce any clipping if I turn the volume up to reference level? how should I interpret this number to make sure they match on the same baseline? Thanks!
  15. laidick

    Power amp specification vs speaker specification

    I have doubt on how to judge if a power amp is capable to drive a speaker by just looking in the specification. I try not to put the product name but just the spec here, hope if I could get some light from the expert here. Power amp: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Stereo True Dual Mono Design...
  16. laidick

    Any measurement on Gryphon Diablo 300? Just curious if this beast is better than combo of Benchmark LA4+ABH2.
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