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  1. Thor9981

    Does my streamer need a DAC?

    I'm placing the final touches on my home audio/theater system and I'm wondering if I can squeeze some additional performance out of the system by incorporating a DAC (Topping E50). I currently have a Cambridge Azur 851n that I really enjoy (using Qobuz). In reading some other reviews on...
  2. Thor9981

    SVS SB-3000 vs Rythmik F12SE vs PSAS2410

    Hello gurus. Hoping you can help me make a selection on a new subwoofer. This is the last component to a home theater / audio system I've been building these last 8 months. System is currently 2 KEF R11s (LR), KEF R2C (C), 2 KEF R3s (Surr. LR), Anthem AVM70, Cambridge Azur 851N, The AR...
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