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    Low(est) profile mains and XLR cables you can recommend?

    Planning on putting actives in the living room, where there is literally no way to hide cables. It's all wood floor, glass, and stone walls. What's the lowest profile XLR and/or mains cabling you've seen and/or recommend?
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    What would cause distortion if in/out impedance is flat?

    Trying to understand this bit from the G5 review: "I started with my hard to drive, low impedance Dan Clark Stealth headphone. I was pleased that I could get pretty high volumes out of it using high gain. For loud listening, I had to go to 3:00 pm on the volume control. There was a bit more...
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    FS: Gloss Black Revel f226Be and c426Be

    Selling my Revels so I can move into some actives. I also have m126Be's to sell and would work something out if someone wanted them in addition to above...
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    FS: single Kef R3 gloss black $800

    Selling a single black R3; pretty firm on price because I have places I can use it but price does include shipping etc to CONUS
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    FS: Genelec 8330A's with stand plates

    Downsizing a bit and I don't get enough use out of these to justify their price.
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    If your Windows laptop never seems to sound quite right...
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    Will Audyssey/Dirac compensate for different gain/sensitivity of amps?

    I'm not sure how big of a problem it is, if at all, to use amps by different manufacturers with different input sensitivity and/or gain. Will Audyssey etc compensate for that? For example 2 channels of 230W @ 8 ohm, 1.1V sensitivity, 28dB gain and 2 channels of 350W @ 8 ohm, 1.6V sensitivity...
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    FS: Kef S2 stands in black - pickup in 60174

    in spite of how nice they look, no stands are welcome in my living room.
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    FS: CEntrance Ampersand

    Selling my amperand HPA - I actually like it but the NX7 is a slightly better fit for me at a much lower cost
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    Did Wavelet add another source?

    I'm not aware of any official Wavelet forum, so I guess I'll ask here. Serendipitously I just got a set of Audeze Euclid's and although they're not listed in the AutoEQ repo, Wavelet pulls them up just fine. Looks to be oratory1990's EQ, which is great, I'm just curious how this is happening?
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    FS: Focal Utopia headphones (blemished)
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    [SOLD] FS: Denon AVR-X4700H
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    C426Be vs KH310A (performance only)

    Wanted to gather a few opinions since the independent data is somewhat limited. Setting aside the price, aesthetics, and assuming one supplies adequate power to the Be, am I correct in thinking the 426 does win out overall but not by a particularly large margin? Use case is center channel (of...
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    Would ceiling treatment help here?

    Basically my layout is fixed, I'm not willing to let go of the window view. I'd be OK with turning the desk a little, which would make surround R placement tricky, or sliding it a few inches (but can't block the door). As you can see, I'm having quite a bit of trouble around 120Hz and trouble...
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    Kef R3 making clunking sound when carried - repair tutorial?

    I recently sold my R3 "center", but as I was packing it I noticed it's making a clunking sound if I turn it to and fro. Thankfully, it seems to work fine, but I had to issue a refund and can't really sell it as-is. I've never opened a speaker before - I presume whatever's making that noise...
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    How do I stream Atmos without a display?

    I've tried with Apple Music and Amazon, not Tidal yet, but they both react strangely when I disable my display. For example, I have an Apple TV 4K -> Denon 6700 -> Display. When I start an album, everything's fine. When I turn off the display, the Denon display switches from "Dolby Atmos" to...
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    [SOLD] FS: Neumann KH310A inc grille and LH25 mount

    Very sad to see them go, it's actually taken me 5 days to "get around" to making the listing :(
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    FS: Kef R3/R5/R11

    Selling all my Kef R-series, moving over to Revel Be series.
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    WTB/trade: Genelec 7350A/8340

    Would be interested if anyone in US is selling a 7350A or 8340s. Or If you just want to be a good Samaritan and point out any deals I may have missed, I'll be in your debt :). Already have my eye on the usual suspects for demos/b-stocks: sweetwater, pro audio star, Studiocare, Alto Music, B&H...
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    What makes for a good Atmos (upfiring) speaker?

    To the best of my knowledge, the only comprehensive data we have for an upfiring speaker is the R8a I submitted to Erin awhile back. So, I have nothing to compare against. And even if I did, I'm not sure what I would even be looking for? Pragmatically, aside from high gloss finish what makes...
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