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  1. Jas0_0

    CamillaDSP macOS tutorial for total beginner?

    Hi all, I'd like to use CamillaDSP on macOS to apply room correction FIR filters from Focus Fidelity to audio from both my turntable (via an audio interface) and audio from digital sources, e.g. Tidal, VLC, Safari. Is that possible? If so, is there a really basic, idiot-proof tutorial on how...
  2. Jas0_0

    Turntable > Mic Pre > ADC > Mac > DAC > speakers - clock problem?

    Hi all, If I were to play music from my turntable using the signal path in the thread title, would it cause a problem with clocking? (In case you’re wondering, I send the signal to my Mac to do RIAA and room correction) I currently use a separate mic pre into a one-box DAC/ADC, but would see...
  3. Jas0_0

    Low cost USB audio interface with remote control?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to take some money out of my system. I have an RME ADI-2 Pro FS R, which is excellent and does everything I want, but I can't help feeling it's a bit overkill for what I need - both in spec and function. Is there a cheaper alternative out there with a remote control...
  4. Jas0_0

    Cheap and cheerful 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a budget 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable that’s solidly made, won’t degrade sound quality and can be bought easily in the UK? Many thanks, James
  5. Jas0_0

    The ASR Prayer

    Critics of ASR seem to accuse Amir and forum contributors of being akin to a cult leader and their followers - his reviews accepted unquestioned like religious dogma. So to confirm their suspicions, I borrowed a bit (alright… a lot) from Christianity and wrote this prayer. Amir, who art in...
  6. Jas0_0

    Mono bass vs stereo digital room correction

    Hi all, Wonder if you could help. I often see it recommended to apply DRC to each speaker individually. However, I always seem to get far flatter summed measured and better subjective results for bass frequencies by treating the stereo system as mono. Presumably this is because in my...
  7. Jas0_0

    *SOLD* RME ADI-2 Pro FS · DAC/AD converter · Headphone amp · USB audio interface · DSP · Excellent · Boxed

    This is the same spec as the RME ADI-2 DAC FS as reviewed/loved by amir, but with an added AD converter, and an extra DAC chip, giving 4 analogue outs, allowing it to be used as a controller (with DSP on every channel) for 2-way active speakers, or speakers and a sub. Works perfectly. Updated...
  8. Jas0_0

    Genelec 8040 vs 8020 with sub

    Hi all, I own a pair of Genelec 8040, and I love them. However I get little below about 35Hz in my 4m l, 3.6m w, 3m h room. I was thinking of switching to 8020s (which would probably also earn me domestic brownie points) and adding a small sub - something like the new SVS SB3000 Micro. I’d...
  9. Jas0_0

    Should I sell my vinyl rig?

    This question is less technical and more... philosophical? So apologies if it offends. I'm asking here because I think ASR leans away from vinyl being a good way to listen to music, so I'm hoping I'll get from you good, rational reasons to counter my slightly misty eyed ones. The facts: I...
  10. Jas0_0

    Tidal via microRendu without buying additional software, for my dad's system?

    Hi there, I think Amir's measurements mean the Sonore microRendu isn't the best respected component here, but thanks to the amazing generosity of an ASR member, I have recently acquired one, and I plan to give it to my father - along with a Topping DAC and a Tidal subscription - to add...
  11. Jas0_0

    Connecting iOS Lightning to USB-B DAC

    Hi all, This is a really basic question, and apologies, I'm sure it must have been asked before, though I couldn't find an answer. Is it possible to connect an iPhone to a USB-B DAC using a single cable? I've seen Lightning to USB-B MIDI cables advertised - would one of these work...
  12. Jas0_0

    Should I delete all my hi res (>44.1khz) files?

    They’re huge, take up lots of disk space, don’t play on some of my devices and apparently some might even sound worse than CD-quality files. I couldn’t honestly say I can hear a difference but kept them “just in case”. Should I just resample to 44.1 and then get rid of the 96/192 versions...
  13. Jas0_0


    Hi everyone, Thanks in no small part to advice here, I am now set up with digital RIAA. The rig is sounding excellent and far quieter than with analogue RIAA, but I’m wondering if it could be better. I am noticing a pronounced hum if I turn up the volume with no music playing. An analyser...
  14. Jas0_0

    DAC with DSP for FIR filters?

    Hi all, I am setting up a system in my kitchen. I plan to keep it as simple as possible. iPad > DAC > small Genelecs. I would like to add DSP to the chain, using FIR filters generated by Audiolense. So far I can’t see a way to do system-wide audio capture and convolution on the iPad (if...
  15. Jas0_0

    Acoustic Panels - Rockwool Absorption Coefficients

    Hi everyone, This may already be common knowledge, but Rockwool sent me this data on their insulation products. Thought it might be useful to post here for anyone making DIY room treatments. J
  16. Jas0_0

    GLM vs Dirac for phase/timing corrections in 2.0 setup

    Hi all, I am looking to move beyond simple REW/PEQ frequency-domain corrections to my system. I use two-way active monitors and have no intention of adding subs. I’ve been playing with the Dirac trial and the results achieved in minutes are far better than with the many (many) hours I’ve...
  17. Jas0_0

    Left = flattish. Right = flattish. Both = a mess

    Hi all, Today I've been trying to EQ my system using a UMIK, REW and Fabfilter Pro Q3. The 'after' plots are posted below. I've measured and EQed each channel separately for a reasonably flat response (plan is to add a tilt from low to high frequencies later). Left is admittedly better than...
  18. Jas0_0

    Cartridge/arm resonance - how far from 10Hz is too far?

    Hi all, Me again - thanks everyone for their help with my previous questions. I'm narrowing down my MC cartridge options for use with Linn Basik LVX arm (effective mass 12g). Current top three are: Audio Technica AT33PTG/II Dynavector DV-20X2 L Benz MicroAce SL I'm leaning towards the...
  19. Jas0_0

    Arm cable RCAs into mic pre XLRs

    Hi all, I've decided to replace my MM cartridge with an MC and replace my noisy phono pre with a clean, high impedance ribbon mic pre and do RIAA eq digitally. The mic pre has balanced XLR inputs, while the arm cable currently has single ended RCAs and a ground wire. Ahead of converting the...
  20. Jas0_0

    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    Hi all, Once you've found the correct compliance, weight and output for your system, without the help of further measurements it's hard to choose create a phono cartridge shortlist without resorting to subjective reviews. Opinions elsewhere suggest for example that Hana is 'smooth', Denon is...
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