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    PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)

    for years I've been fascinated by the idea of AC regen/power plants and always wanted one (when I had the spare). That thought can now lay to rest ! Thanks Amir !
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    NAD C 298 Power Amplifier With Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

    Hi guys, I've been reading through this thread and now have an oppurtunity to get a C298 used around 9 months old. I'm aware the early amps had some teething issues. Can you advise if thesehave been addressed and what to look-out for when one is buying a used one pls ?
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    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    The sure way of knowing at what point it clips is with an O-scope. I do have a SMD-DD1 distortion detector which normally works best with higher output signal - starting at 1.2v. I'll check with it anyway and will post if I get any meaningful measurements.
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    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    my minidsp shd has just arrived ! yet to run Dirac but it's been working like a charm off LAN :) In Amir's measurements, the best SINAD of112.x db was reached at 4v @ Vol -6.5 balanced XLR out. It started clipping there after. Question pls - with unbalanced RCA out, will the behaviour be...
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    Welcome New Members to ASR, introduce yourself here.

    Hi guys, A new member from capital down under ;) For many years, I've only dreamed of having my own equipment and actually measuring and verifying all these claims in the wild world of Hi-Fi ! I can only say that this forum feels like I'm in paradise ! Just can't say thank you enough to @amirm...
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