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  1. Ralph_Cramden

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    RME ADI-2 DAC FS, 13% off at Amazon
  2. Ralph_Cramden

    Balanced DAC for Powered Speakers and Wiim Mini

    It has the same DAC as the Mini, and no balanced outputs.
  3. Ralph_Cramden

    Double Blind tests *did* show amplifiers to sound different

    Peter J Walker, 1978:
  4. Ralph_Cramden

    Two speakers for computer

    The JBLs are very good for the money. I also have a small desk, so I have them on stands on either side. Works nicely.
  5. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    With an AP tester, probably. With my jury-rigged setup, there's probably a few dB of added noise. Still, the WiiM Mini is more than good enough for HiFi.
  6. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    24-bit measurement from LMS server->UPnP->WiFi->WiiM Mini->Optical out->RME ADI-2 DAC FS Optical In->RME ADI-2 DAC FS USB Out->Sox capture->REW
  7. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Can you do Amazon Music on a pi? Alexa voice control, losslessly? Google voice control? Can the pi act as a Chromecast renderer? Does it have a case with AV buttons, and a remote control without a huge hassle? Does it have coaxial and optical outputs without adding additional hardware which...
  8. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    They've captured the best-selling slot in product category at Amazon. Well done @WiiM Support !
  9. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    No, he gave it pretty high praise, just didn't personally recommend it. The measurements are always appreciated, and this huge thread proves that most of us who don't care about or need Roon do love the Mini.
  10. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    I hope they also sent eval units to @amirm and @John Atkinson for more objective analysis.
  11. Ralph_Cramden

    What are we listening to right now..
  12. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Qobuz Connect? When did Qobuz come out with that!? If you mean Airplay, then yes, it's limited to 48K, I believe.
  13. Ralph_Cramden

    WiiM Mini Streamer
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