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  1. anmpr1

    Tube Availability

    Anyone have knowledge of vacuum tube availability, now that economic sanctions are in the mix? I hadn't thought about it, but Phil McNight brought up the issue in his weekly guitar podcast. Chinese tubes are an option, but who knows how it will go if that situation changes? I bought a couple...
  2. anmpr1

    Physics of Resonance

    Is it the God Particle, or is it Memorex... The same phenomenon by which an opera singer can shatter a wineglass also underlies the very existence of subatomic particles...
  3. anmpr1

    Hi-Fi Gear as Musical Instruments

    Audiophiles are said to be of two types: 1) those who use music to listen to their gear, and 2) those who use their gear to listen to music. But what about a third type: those who use their gear to make music? Below are three examples that came to my mind. There must be others, but these are...
  4. anmpr1

    Bike Advice

    Since the house arrest lockdown, I haven't been able to go to the gym as before. So waifu and I are looking to buy a (recumbent) exercise bike. I see them on-line with prices ranging from less than two hundred dollars, to two thousand. I just want something that is decent and going to last...
  5. anmpr1

    Audio Science Innovators

    I haven't see a thread for it, but since this is ASR I was thinking about those who contributed most to the application of scientific principles in audio--mostly in a domestic environment. That is, designers whose work is/was 'non-tweako' but based on hard scientific theory, either existing or...
  6. anmpr1

    FYI: Burwen Low Noise Preamplifier

    In a discontinued thread there was a question of whether a particular Mark Levinson preamp device (which looked sort of like an engineering mock-up) could have been a LNP-1. As far as I know there was never a Levinson LNP-1, however the 2 was designed by Richard Burwen. In the early '70s and...
  7. anmpr1

    Bose Shuttering Stores

    This should probably be under the "Audio Equipment Not for Sale". Just read that Bose is closing its retail outlets and laying off sales force. To tell you the truth, I don't think I've ever been in a Bose store. Just another sign of the death of brick n mortar. If anyone lives near a store...
  8. anmpr1

    Shure v Pickering Resonance

    This is a spin off from the Schiitt turntable thread, which I didn't want to pollute with more off topic stuff. We were discussing the use and abuse of the Shure/Stanton brushes as they relate to controlling arm-cartridge resonance. Since I have a new M97xE and a NOS Pickering XV-15 1200e...
  9. anmpr1

    Golden Age of Japanese Audio

    For those of you who have not seen it before, below is a link to a long running Japanese Website featuring mostly '70s through '90s gear. A lot of it was never imported to the US, and those that were often carried different designations. Just for fun.
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