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    What kind of DAC and Headphone Amp can I use for the Focal Clear MG Pro - 55 ohms Headphones?

    Hi. I'm thinking of buying the Focal Clear MG Pro Open-back headphones for mixing and producing music. I must clarify that I don't record acoustic instruments such as drums, guitars or voices. Most of the sounds I produce are with synthesizers, drum machines and samples. I produce experimental...
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    Will the Audient iD44 be able to handle the Sennheiser HD800s or the Focal Clear MG Pro Headphones?

    Hi. I want to buy a pair of expensive Headphones for music production and mixing. However, I won't be recording instruments such as guitars, vocals or acoustic drums. I produce electronic music and experimental rap so most of the stuff I compose is using samples, synths and drum machines ITB...
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