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  1. archerious

    SOLD!!!: Benchmark DAC3B and Topping A90

    Up for sale is an excellent condition Benchmark DAC3B and Topping A90. Both have been in a smoke-free home since day 1. Only selling as I have reduced my headphone inventory down quite a bit, so I no longer need these two products. I mostly use my speakers lately, which have their own DAC and...
  2. archerious

    SOLD!!!: Revel M105

    Up for sale is a beautiful pair of Revel M105 in Walnut. Less than three months old, these beautiful speakers are only for sale because I upgraded to Revel's F226Be. I'm the original owner, and my M105s have been inside a smoke-free home since day 1. Excellent condition, other than some dust...
  3. archerious

    SOLD!!!: Audiophonics MPA-S250NC XLR Amplifier

    Up for sale is a Audiophonics MPA-S250NC XLR Amplifier, based on Hypex Ncore NC252MP. The amp is in great condition, with some light scratches on the bottom (see pics). I'm the original owner (can provide receipt if needed) and the amp has been in a smoke-free home since day 1. Listing...
  4. archerious

    SOLD!!!: 2x Klipsch RP-280F, 2x RP-600M, 1x Klipsch RP-450C

    Up for sale is a pair of Klipsch 280F (floorstanders), pair of RP-600M (bookshelf speakers), and one Klipsch RP-450C (center channel). Everything you need for a home theater setup. I am the original owner, smoke-free and pet free home. Can include receipts if needed, as all these items are...
  5. archerious


    Up for sale is an excellent condition RME ADI-2-DAC FS, smoke-free home. The DAC is less than two months old, but I'm outside the return window. One of the best DACs ever, but I lately I use my Benchmark DAC3 or MiniDSP SHD more often, don't want to see this DAC just collect dust. Listing...
  6. archerious

    SOLD/CLOSED - FS: Benchmark AHB2

    Up for sale is an excellent condition Benchmark AHB2, smoke-free home. The amp is less than a month old, but I'm outside the return window. It is the best measuring amp I've ever owned, but I find myself using my NAD more often due to it's higher power output. Listing Includes: AHB2, Power...
  7. archerious

    SOLD. FS: Gustard X18 in Silver color

    Up for sale is a mint Gustard X18 DAC in silver color. Less than three months old, still under warranty with Aoshida-HiFi. Only selling because I own more than one DAC at this point, and I'd rather sell off the gear I'm not using. Listing includes: Gustard X18, original box, power cord, usb...
  8. archerious

    Sold: New S.M.S.L SU-9n

    Up for sale is a new S.M.S.L SU-9n. I purchased my first SU-9n in November 2021, but the unit started making a hissing sound that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. After informing Apos Audio they RMA'd and replaced the unit with a new SU-9n. I have not used this SU-9n, it is brand new...
  9. archerious

    S.M.S.L SU-9n issue

    Recently my SMSL SU9N has started making this awful static noise. It doesn't matter if I use my NC252 or a headphone amp, as long as it's on XLR it makes that awful noise. -Tried different power cord -Tried with and without UPS/surge protector -Tried different interconnects -Tried using both...
  10. archerious

    How significantly do minor dents impact sound?

    I ordered a pair of mint Kef R5 but Fedex decided otherwise and dented them. How significant would the dent to the Uni-q driver impact sound?
  11. archerious

    Nearfield: 8030C, KH80/KH120, LS50 Meta, R3?

    I can get a pair of any of these pretty similar in price, but really not sure which to go for. I like neutral sound, have a SVS sub already. This pair will be used with my desktop completely near field, typically 0.5-1 meter from wall, and myself about that close to them if not more. Thanks, Tom.
  12. archerious

    Hum/Hiss on SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II

    Anybody else experience this issue? I notice it with my Magni Heresy and with my Beyer A20 headphone amps. It's even more noticeable with my Schiit Vidar and Magnepan speakers. I thought it was my Beyer A20 at first, then realized the hum was gone when I used my Topping D90 with it. Problem is...
  13. archerious

    Opposite of ASR?

    I'm curious what is the opposite of this site? I love the science here and measurements, but what is the opposite that likes distortion and thinks it sounds "musical audiofool blah blah"? Maybe head-fi? I've seen them recommend trash (audio-gd) products before. Thanks, Tom.
  14. archerious

    Hypex NC400 vs NC1200 vs 1ET400A?

    All of them seem to cost around $1200-$1600. Any benefits on one of the other? How about the cheaper NC500? Looking to power my Magnepan 1.7i, heard they like a lot of current. Also considering saving for AHB2, but the $3000 price seems too rich for me. Thanks, Tom.
  15. archerious

    AHB2 vs A21+

    Anyone have measurements of the A21+? Amir's superb review of the AHB2 is great, and I have fond memories of the Benchmark DAC1, so as a company I'm leaning that way. Only thing that concerns me is the fact that I'm a POS that seems to like noise. I'm not loving the D90, I think I'd rather...
  16. archerious

    Hypex faulty power switch, is this issue common?

    I ordered a Audiophonics MPA-S250NC (Hypex NC252), but when it arrived I noticed whether the power switch was on or off, the unit still powered on and played music. Had a loud audible hum as well. Thought nothing of it, until I went to move it from my office to my listening room and it shocked...
  17. archerious

    Used Modulus 686 soldering look okay and wiring?

    Hi, After reading some threads it seems there is a real risk of buying something that is poorly soldered, wired, grounding off etc, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me if these look ok? Seller wants $1800 and I think it's worth it for Class AB, great measurements, and large power output...
  18. archerious

    March Audio or Audiophonics?

    I've been looking at March's P122 (NC122MP) and Audiophonics NC122MP amps. The price difference is insane, $652.80+$80 shipping total of $732.80, vs $416 USD (307.50 euros + 41 euros for shipping). I have to ask, will the Audiophonics version measure that much worse? P122 beat out the NC500...
  19. archerious

    Any company selling completed Neurochrome Modulus-286 builds?

    I know there is nord, march audio, vtv, audiophonics etc for Hypex, but what about Neurochrome? Any company assembling them and selling?
  20. archerious

    Which sub $800 amp for Tekton Lore Reference?

    I finally ordered my dream Tekton Lore reference speakers, but I don't know if I should go Schiit Aegir or maybe just class D Nord One MP NC502 or even March Audio's P122? For my home music setup my Tekton's will be used with a SVS SB2000 sub and Soncoz SGD1 DAC. Thank you, Tom.
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