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  1. Walter

    AC Direct DC Enabler

    While not too applicable to audio products at the moment, this new technology definitely looks interesting if it actually performs as advertsed: The death of transformers?
  2. Walter

    Calculating room modes in a weird room

    I am trying to determine my room modes using However, I have no idea what value to use for the ceiling height. My ceiling is nothing but a piece of foam board less than 1 inch thick at about 3 meters height. Above that is the sloping roof that I have no way of...
  3. Walter

    Has civility on ASR declined recently?

    I have noticed an increase in combative and insulting posts on ASR over the last couple of months--mostly, but not always, by new members. The posters definitely have not seemed to heed the message at the top of every forum page to Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online...
  4. Walter

    Comfortable closed back headphones for eyeglass wearers?

    I have not tried actually used headphones in at least 25 years because I never found a pair I could wear for more than 2-3 hours without pain. Over-ear models hurt my head due to my eyeglasses, and on-ear models hurt my ears. The emergence of IEMs and smartphones was a godsend for portable use...
  5. Walter

    KEF LSX, Genelec 8020D, iLoud MTM, or JBL A130 for desktop use?

    Does anyone have experience with any two (or more) of these to compare? Or has tried one and found it unsuitable? I am looking for general use speakers for my desk, which is where I spend most of my waking hours. This includes low level (60-65db) background music as well as 85db peaks when...
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