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  1. Johan Liebert

    Which Speakers Are Know To Have The Best Spinorama Measurements?

    I love the independent measurements taken on this site. But I've seen mentions of related products for both passive and active speakers that have better measurements yet. For example when the M16s were reviewed I found it interesting that the M126Be didn't have better measurements than their...
  2. Johan Liebert

    How important is the room and room reflections? Panels, Bass Traps etc...

    I see it on other forums all the time about the room. Whether or no there's defraction panels, sound absorbing panels and bass traps and I'm just trying to make heads or tails out of all this.
  3. Johan Liebert

    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    I think it would be entertaining to see what members have for their setup. I thought of making a thread asking what I should get but I didn't think it would be as fun seeing what other members have and to generate ideas for my new desk setup in my small bedroom.
  4. Johan Liebert

    Speaker Cables?

    Other than impedance(material and gauge and length of cable) being the most important measure and maybe some shielding(not even sure if this is that important) and nice contacts(gold plated banana plugs, spades, speakon connects etc, is there any other thing that matters in speaker cables from a...
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