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    Any thoughts/reviews/experience on the Grimm speakers? Alpha Audio did a comparison of the LS1be with D&D 8C and ATC. The audio was included and sounded very clean. IMHO, the 8C made the ATC sound colored, and the LS1be made the 8C sound colored. (Let us ignore any price differences, please...
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    Genelec 8351B W371A review Probably paywalled A quote - Following my time with the 8351B at home, I decamped to Metropolis Studios to hear the combination of the 8351B and W371A in the Studio B control room. The system had been previously set up by...
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    A challenge for those who want one

    I have read about audio file compression encoding and have always embraced it. After all, digital storage space and network bandwidth does have some (small) cost and why waste it if there is no difference in audio quality. The Fraunhofer people claim to have perfected MP3 encoding over the...
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