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    RCA to powered monitor

    Hi I I want to connect an RCA to a powered monitor that has am unbalanced jack input (such as Adam T5V or JVC 305p etc.). I will buy two monitors for stereo so need two cables, RCA to Monitor, but what cables to I need to buy? I guess its trivial but there are different Jack sizes and not sure...
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    rca cable with red white and yellow plugs

    If I use an RCA male to male with 3 strands (red white yellow) for stereo and leave the yellows unconnected does this effect audio quality?
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    Is this a natural baroque cello sound or just badly recorded? I am listening to a streamed version of Haydn's Cello Concertos performed by Jean-Guihen Queyras , via a cd quality stream. In the D Major concerto first track, "allegro moderato", the cello has a cadenza at the end...
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    Pre Amp question using chromecast audio as source

    I signed up to this forum recently and am excited by class D technologies that are small cheap and powerful and am considering an upgrade my electronics, probably to a Audiophonics MPA-S250NC sold here. They will drive my Harbeth Super HL5 a large bookshelf speaker but easy to drive with...
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