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  1. wacomme

    Low Cost Music Server or Streamer With EQ

    I want to set up a music server or streamer in my living room. Upstairs in my home office I use a Macbook Air M1 streaming both Apple Music and Tidal. I use HLConvolver for my EQ to Kali LP-6 v2 monitors. Downstairs I have Adam T5V monitors in my living room connected to a Topping E30ii dac and...
  2. wacomme

    Balanced DAC for Powered Speakers and Wiim Mini

    So many choices . . . What's a good DAC with a toslink connection to the Wiim Mini streamer and powered monitors (Adam T5V) with a balanced connection between DAC and monitors? I also want a preamp (I presume) to adjust the volume of the monitors when not using a remote (iPhone) for the...
  3. wacomme

    DAC Recommendation for Wiim Mini or Pro

    I need a DAC for my new Wiim Mini (may exchange for Pro) that has optical in. I know the Topping E30ii will work, but I've been reading about skipping problems with the the E30ii. I'm looking for something inexpensive, but reliable. It'll be used in the living room to run powered stereo...
  4. wacomme

    Confused and Need Help With Streamers, Servers, Etc.

    My head is spinning with many options, and I'm not sure if any option will work. What does work is my desktop setup - Macbook Air - Topping L50 amp - SMSL DO100 dac - connect to headphones or Adam T5V monitors (L50 bypass and volume controlled via dac). What also works is a lossless portable...
  5. wacomme

    Adam T5V Volume Concern

    I have a pair of Adam T5V on my desk connected with balanced cabling to a Topping L50 amp and SMSL DO1000 dac. The monitors run passthrough to the L50 and I control volume via the dac. I run EQ on my Mac via HLConvolver and Blackhole. For 95% of my listening the volume is good, but if I want to...
  6. wacomme

    Want Work Lossless Streaming Headphone Setup

    I'm seeking a better solution than I currently have. My work regulates my PC and internet so that I cannot stream music via my work PC. Thus, I use my iPhone - camera adapter - Qudelix 5K - headphones for lossless streaming music. The system works well. However, I'm worried that the lighting...
  7. wacomme

    Alternative to iPhone + Dongle

    At work my pc is controlled by my employer. So, for my music headphones setup I use my iPhone 14 Pro + camera adapter + Qudelix 5k. The setup is great and I can play lossless music to either iems or headphones. But, I use my iPhone a lot at work, and using it with the long dongle connection is...
  8. wacomme

    iPhone Portable Solution That's Better than Bluetooth

    I'm seeking a solution mostly for sports - hiking, gym, etc. I currently have an iPhone 14 Pro with an Apple Camera Adapter and a Qudelix 5K. The system works for lossless audio , but it's rather bulky and fragile for sports. I would love to have a mostly wireless solution where I can separate...
  9. wacomme

    AMP for 2.0 and 2.1 Powered Desktop Monitors

    I sometimes have low volume issues with my Adam T5V monitors. Most of the time it's fine, but for some tracks I lack sufficient volume to crank up the volume a bit when I'm not just sitting at my desk. I have the monitors connected via balanced cables to a Topping L50 amp and SMSL DO100 dac. For...
  10. wacomme

    What Is Your Hearing Frequency Range?

    I have some Adam T5V monitors that measure reasonably well down to 40Hz. I thought I might need a subwoofer, but subs that go below 40Hz are somewhat pricey ($400+). Then I thought, can I even hear that low? So I used REW on the Tones Generator screen and sent different frequencies to my ears...
  11. wacomme

    DACs With and Without Auto-Mute

    What's the purpose of auto-mute in dacs? I ask because my SMSL DO100 certainly has it, and it's a PITA. Granted, it seems to work fine under normal listening conditions, though I have heard other people having issues with silence in certain tracks, but to conduct REW measurements and resulting...
  12. wacomme

    How to Add External Powered Stereo Speakers to TV With TV Remote Volume Control

    I'm trying to add a pair of powered stereo speakers to a TV so that can bypass the small and poor sounding TV speakers. I'm not looking for anything fancy - I'll be using some old AudioEngine A2 speakers with RCA and 3.5mm inputs. I can do this with optical out and a simple dac. However, I...
  13. wacomme

    REW For Simple Desktop Speakers?

    Would a REW room configuration help for a simple desktop speaker setup? I have a small desk with two AudioEngine A2 powered speakers. I have them EQ'd through SoundSource software on my Mac using AUNBandEQ - some A2 PEQ file I found with a Google search. I figured I would also benefit from some...
  14. wacomme

    Audirvana, SoundSource, and a Mac

    I currently use SoundSource on my Mac for headphone EQ. It works great and I'm happy with it. I'm checking out Audirvana, mostly so I can control album selection from across the room using an iPhone app and a long headphone cable to my amp/dac connected to my Mac. I've tried Roon, and used its...
  15. wacomme

    Raspberry Setup

    I want DSP for my work audio setup. My work limits what I can install on my work computer - though, for some reason I'm able to get Tidal on my work computer (for now). I cannot install EQ software on my work PC; even Qudelix 5K software is blocked. Thus, I'm wondering if a Raspberry Pi setup...
  16. wacomme

    Balanced 4-pin Headphone Extension Cable, Male XLR to Female XLR - 10ft.

    I'd rather not learn and build my own. I'd also like something inexpensive. These seem to be hard to find. Suggestions?
  17. wacomme

    Dongles: 9038S V3, Hidezs S9 Pro, Meizu HiFi, Qudelix K5

    Which of these dac dongles would you choose for which situation? Mobile use, android Mobile use, iPhone PC or Mac without software EQ PC or Mac with software EQ Hard to drive headphones Low impedance IEMs
  18. wacomme

    Under $200 headphones (or iems) for sleeping.

    I often listen to music when I go to bed, but more times than not fall asleep. I need some comfortable headphones that will take the beating. My Sundara’s are too fragile to get squished.
  19. wacomme

    Small (7" in Speaker Height Max) Under $200/pair Desktop Speakers

    While I'd like some decent fidelity, my desktop speakers are mainly for computer stuff. I listen to HP for quality listening. I also have a very small desk, so under 7" speakers (6" is better) is really needed (no space for bigger speaker off my desk). I'm also wanting balanced inputs, not just...
  20. wacomme

    Topping 10D Balanced + A90

    Does it make any sense to pair the Topping 10Db with the A90? I'm looking for separate DAC and AMP that is balanced (ground loop problems), with plenty of power for future proofing, and the ability to use the volume control on the A90 to control volume for both HP and desktop powered speakers...
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