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    Peachtree Gan 1 beta testing sign-ups open

    $735 for 200wpc.....GaN FET...
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    No, they are no longer listed on the web site. They are WAY oversold. If you call them, they will place you on a list. Here is an email I received from Magnepan "I'll be happy to write up an order for the LRS+ for you. However, they won't show up until Spring 2023 more than likely. We have...
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    Unfortunatly I never had the opportunity to hear model 9s......
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    NICE!...I like the "Book Fix".....Adds a bit of class toi the whole thing....
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    i was a huge fan of electrostatic back in the day. as a kid in high school I worked part time at a Radio Shack....i sold hundreds of pairs of Electrostat 2A speakers. i had a visit from some suits from Texas wanting to know where all the E2As were going. i then moved into Real HiFi and Quad...
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    I believe the LRS and LRS+ are only sold factory direct........Even here in the states, I'm not aware of any dealer stocking LRS/LRS+
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    Magnepan LRS in the house!

    Magnepan LRS in the house! I've been a Magnepan fan since day one. Recently I decided to trade up from my MMGs to the new LRS. I had someone hot and heavy to buy the MMGs so I let them go a few months ago and called Magnepan to order the new LRS. I was informed that in a couple months there...
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    Choice of a DAC for the second system

    I have no experience with Chrome Cast. But using Toslink into the Topping was a dramatic improvement.
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    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    I just "UPGRADED" from a $89 Arylic streamer to the $84 WiiM Mini.......Simply an amazing upgrade in sound quality....I really didn't think there would be any difference. But after reading and watching all the reviews and the YouTubers going crazy over it, for $84 I had to try it! I put it up...
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    Article: Why It's STILL So Hard To Get Records Pressed

    I read where a factory that makes the lacquer burnt down......There is a great article about the whole record pressing industry on PS Audios Magazine....
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    Choice of a DAC for the second system

    I spent days looking for a DAC for my second system. My main system used a Node2i with a Gustard X16 DAC.....Great reasonable prices combo. In my "office" system I recently went from a Arylic S10 streamer to a WiiM streamer....What a difference! It is Very audible! But for a DAC I bought the...
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    Using miniDSP 2 x 4 HD's usb port as output.

    Along the same lines of this question.......How do I run a Node2i that is connected to a Gustard X16 digitally through the miniDSP-HD and into my analog inputs of my preamplifier?
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    " What dimension is your listening triangle and how far off the back wall are they".... Three feet off long wall, 10' apart, 9' from my ears
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Now, after a few months of listening to my LS50 Metas......I sold all the other speakers. Magnapan MMG, Klipsch RP600M, ELAC 6.2/2.0......Every time I sit down to listen, I smile. Simply an amazing speaker......What really always amazes me is the bass. My room is 12X24X8....Heavily damped...And...
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    Dynaco PAS..Comments please...

    I'm referring to all three modes......Other than huge increase in volume when active mode is employed, my 70 year old ears can't discern a difference. I actually used an SPL meter to set gains while comparing..... Yes, a bit confusing that a $100 preamp compare favorably to a $900...
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    Dynaco PAS..Comments please...

    I had the Saga (Not +) with a few different tubes. Sounded great. But I wanted more gain and the Saga was a simple passive preamp. I bought it used from a fellow that upgraded to Freya.......I did the same thing. Found a Freya (Not +) used for $600 and bought it. With 12dB better gain it really...
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    Before and After...PASS LAB FirstWatt F5 Turbo V2

    Installing VU meters on a First Watt F5v2 amplifier. Too much verbiage and pictures to post here, so I wrote a short article and posted it on my web page:
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    Vintage amplifiers that could challenge or approach current state of the art amplifiers

    FRULLO....Amazing post. Thanks for sharing this information. I've long contended that the Tom Foolery that is happening in modern (SS) amplifier design absolutely messes with the final listening experience. I have a Tubes4HiFi ST120 60w/ch Dynaco clone and a Pass Labs First Watt F5v2 and both...
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    KEF 103.2 Tweeter Add On

    If you remember, the monitor series speakers had matched drivers based on serial numbers. Years ago I blew a tweeter with a malfunctioning amplifier. I had to send my serial numbers to England to get a matched replacement. BTW, if others have tweeters or woofers that stopped working, it might be...
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    Who makes the most solid bookshelf enclosure?

    There are much better "Dead" materials than most any metal (Except Lead, Gold and Uramium) ......Concrete? Granite?
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