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  1. Darkscience

    FS: Benchmark Media DAC3 B + HPA4 Combo

    Mint Condition: I have sold here before, everything will be packed professionally so it arrives perfect. $4000.00 + free shipping Thanks for looking!
  2. Darkscience

    Waterfall Graph Question - REW

    Ok so I snipped this waterfall graph from REW. I kind of have an idea how to read this but not 100% sure what to do with it. Is this suggesting I get bass traps designed for the long decay time frequency ranges? Any tips welcome.
  3. Darkscience

    Black Magic Ethernet Cables

    My news feed had an article about a brand called black magic cables. The people were discussing how letting the ethernet cable break in for a couple weeks really opens up the sound. LMFAO, just had to share, mind blown. So stupid.
  4. Darkscience

    Ringing in ears, how to EQ it out.

    When I am running room measurements, I use ear plugs. I notice a constant buzz, something I do not usually pay much attention too, it is faint and I am sure a lot of us have it. When I put ear plugs on, I do not go to a black background. Do you also have to take this into account for EQ? Should...
  5. Darkscience

    Trade Cornwall IV for Reference 3 ?

    For anyone who has heard both would you do it? I have the opportunity to hear it before trade but wondering on others thoughts.
  6. Darkscience

    REW Frequency Response Measurement Question (Help Request)

    So today I took the first step towards getting more familiar with my system through measurements. My questions are: 1. In REW, there is a drop down menu, (circled in green), how come I do not see a dB option? When I see everyone else's charts it looks like the Y axis is in dB, there is other...
  7. Darkscience

    Passive Bi-Amp vs Bi-Wire sound difference?

    My Cornwall come from the factory with a metal plate connecting the LF and HF comnectors in the back. The manual says you can remove this plate and Bi-Wire the speaker, (I think this would be called Passive Bi-Amp?), is there any science if this setup makes a sound difference? For better or...
  8. Darkscience

    FS: RME ADI-2 PRO FS R $1800 - Free Shipping

    Hello, Selling my DAC due to changing over to the Benchmark DAC for system synergy. The DAC has been terrific for me, I never got the most of its features and hope someone else will enjoy it. Comes with the original manual, remote and cables. Price is firm: $1800 - Free Ground Shipping (USA...
  9. Darkscience

    Stellar 300 / AHB2 / Brooklyn Amp+ Choice to be made

    So I recently have been demoing the amps listed above. The quick background to the story is I have a Brooklyn Bridge that I love and ordered a Stellar 300 to pair with it. Production on the Stellar was backed up two or three weeks and I really missed having my music playing so I kept looking for...
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