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    Is this track too hot?

    There's a test track on Apple music that I was checking out my new monitors with and there's a nasty buzz coming through my Kali speakers. We had some electrical damage, so wasn't sure if something in the audio chain was damaged. I swapped preamps and it still persists, so I don't think it's...
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    Connecting mac mini to Kali monitors?

    I have a pair of Kali LP6v2 monitors to play sound from my keyboard / vst program on my mac mini and wondering what the best way to hook them up might be? The simpliest way seems out the mini phono 1/8" jack on the back of the mac mini to the speakers, but the speakers have xlr (+4 dBu...
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    Basic EQ philosophy?

    I have a pair of handy earbuds - liberty pro 3's from anker - that have a 'hear ID' fn that basically plays sounds at certain frequencies / levels and you hit the button when you can hear the sound. Monkey hit the button and get a banana - or in this case, a curve for you. It was clear to me...
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    Long, odd room

    Hi all - newbie here and hope this is an appropriate forum. I have an odd-shaped, long, narrow-ish room where I'm looking for a more appropriate speaker and would love some guidance where to start evaluating different options. Spousal compliance dictates the general-ish place where the tv /...
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