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  1. Shadrach

    A Question For Genelec Owners.

    I have a pair of Genelec 8030C. They are on stands. I want to match the axis a couple of degrees downward from horizontal. The problem is there isn't a flat surface on them. What do other Genelec owners do to make sure the listening axis is the same for both speakers?
  2. Shadrach

    ASR burning the wrong witches? “What is the number one determinant of sound quality in an audio system? The recording you are playing, without the slightest doubt. The recording microphones, acoustical conditions, and engineering decisions at the recording site introduce much...
  3. Shadrach

    Headphone pad adhesive

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 595s. The velour type pads are coming away from the headphone body. The adhesive that is still there, but not dried out, looks similar to that used to seal the rubber/neoprene roll to the chassis on some bass drivers. Does anyone know where I can buy a small...
  4. Shadrach

    Richard Dunn NVA.

    Richard Dunn of NVA has died. An extraordinary man in the world of audio.
  5. Shadrach

    ABX; you really need to do it to understand.

    Despite many of the passing nods in reference to ABX testing I can’t help get the impression from many of the posts here on ASR, that while some are prepared to believe this reviewer, or that person, may not have been able to pick correctly enough to give statistical significance, they would...
  6. Shadrach

    Product measurement.

    I do like this site I must say.:) Reading through the various reviews done by amirm, I can't help thinking that many of the manufactures don't measure the performance of the products they put on the market. Or, do they just not care and rely on branding and marketing to sell under performing...
  7. Shadrach

    Review requests.

    I would like to propose a forum rule. All review requests should be made by PM to amirm unless posted in the general suggestions for reviews thread. I've watched the thread started by Empirical Audio become a major feature on ASR and the product hasn't even been reviewed yet. If I wanted some...
  8. Shadrach

    Is this what is wrong with this hobby?

    There is something terribly wrong here. Many here will have read amirm review of the jds labs headphone amp. Have you read John Atkinson's review and measurement of Pass labs hpa-1? Depending on the headphones used to a certain extent, both these perform positively on the outside of what many...
  9. Shadrach

    DSP for Linux?

    I'm a bit out of touch with the advances in audio technology; probably a lot of other stuff as well.:p My listening space is a nightmare, I've got nodes where normal people have freckles:rolleyes: My speakers are totally unsuited to the room they play in and messing about with bass traps and...
  10. Shadrach

    Cheap headphone amplifier to drive 600 ohm headphones.

    I've worked my way through lots of the head amp tests (great job amirm) but the in the tests I've read, 300 ohm is the highest impedance mentioned. I have two pairs of 600 ohm headphones, Sennhieser 595 and Beyerdynamic DT 880. Currently I'm using a World Audio HD83 valve headphone amp which I...
  11. Shadrach

    Hello from Catalonia, Spain.

    I don't have a HiFi, but I do have a stereo system.;) I've been a member of various audio boards over the years. My hearing isn't what it used to be along with many other failings due to increasing years. I've been a file based audio enthusiast for many years and I have a collection of about...
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