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    man survives the 'Quietest Place on Earth' make that WOman survives etc....mods please correct the title if you can
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    Corner Club Cathedral Cocoon: Audiophilia and Its Discontents (Harper's Dec 2022)

    Haven't read it yet. Sasha Frere-Jones (an excellent music writer) writes about the world of audiophiles (mainly concerning: loudspeakers) . On first glance I see mostly subjectivists. And search for the word 'blind' comes up empty. :facepalm...
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    DIY subwoofer repair?

    I have two identical powered 12" subs, the quite budget friendly Chinese-made Monoprice 9723, operating in a 5.2 system via dual sub outputs of my Denon AVR. This model gained some notoriety for having intrinsic hum issues out of box...on some units. Wirecutter tested two and found no...
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    Schiit Audio? Ok.

    Does anyone know why this company chose such an, um, interesting name for itself? Neither of its founders is named Schiit.
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    What do we make of the upcoming Dirac SRCT?

    Described (though not in much technical detail) here This seems to be a realization of the long dream of "recreating a space in your space" via multichannel sound -- in this case with every loudspeaker yoked together as a...
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    L.O.T.S. (Loudspeaker Optimization Techniques for Soundstage)

    I stumbled on this Youtube presentation. It basically advises the rule of thirds for listening position (main LP located 1/3 of room length from the back wall), and rule of 3rds -- 4ths for side to side loudspeaker placement. The big variable is then the distance of the speakers from the front...
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    Powered speakers + multichannel AVR w/ would it work?

    I'm intrigued by the excellent performance of powered monitors like Genelecs. But I am committed to multichannel playback (5.2 currently) and I am used to the convenience of 'full feature' AVRs like the Denon line, that has automatic speaker setting, room EQ DSP (further tweakable using an...
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    ASR fan?

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    How is LFE made?

    The LFE channel -- the .1 channel -- was meant to contain cinema audio for things like explosions, gunshots, volcanic eruptions, and the like . Loud low bass. In practice, for purely musical releases at least, it seems to be (mis)used for whatever the mixer thinks will make the listener notice...
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    We hear what we expect to hear

    I was tipped by Chris Kyriakakis of Audyssey fame to this new research that touches on the neurological basis of audio expectation bias. The researchers' focus is on possible ramification for dyslexia, but the relevance to audiophilia is clear. The link is to a summary of the article not the...
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    articulating wall mounts for small HT loudspeakers

    Wall mounts like the ones commonly available for flatscreen TVs, e..g, can be pulled out from the wall, have adjustable horizontal/vertical angle. But for loudspeakers. (Small ones , not floorstanders!) Does such a thing exist? I'm looking on the internets, but not finding.
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    recommmend some truly small rear speakers

    I'd love to use 'good' small speakers all around (e.g. the Ascend Acoustics I have now as fronts, 12" x 9" x 10", 6.5 in woofer) but even they are too big to use as surrounds for the new room I need to audiofy. So...realizing none may approach 'neutral' (but maybe could be tweaked using...
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