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    Advice with Apartment Studio Design

    Hello ASR, I am currently looking to move into an apartment which I would like to model as both a home and a reasonable listening room, The space I am considering is a large studio. I prefer to convert it into a 1 bedroom for privacy reasons, but would not like this to have a significant...
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    Acoustics of an uneven ceiling

    Hello, I'm currently searching for a new home and picking one with the right listening space is the top priority. Some options I've looked will have ceilings where the drywall will drop at least a foot or two. I'll normally see this along the edges of the ceiling, but sometimes going through...
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    Recommendations on Speaker Placement, floorplan attached

    Hello, just curious - where would you place your stereo setup in the following unit? I am not against doing small renovations if it helps. .
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    Outlaw RR2160 vs Parasound P6

    I am deciding between purchasing a new Outlaw RR2160 and a used Parasound P6 for the same cost, around $1500 Canadian in total. What I began looking for was a preamp with full bass management (an active crossover for the subwoofer and speakers). I've come to these two as my best available...
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