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    Steve Wilson Remixes question

    First off I'm a big Jethro Tull fan, as well as ELP. I also like to fiddle with CD's using Audacity. Its also cool to see what the recordings look like as well, shows a lot about how they're recorded. I know its a simple program, but it does do a lot. I have to say I'm not hugely impressed with...
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    Ripping CD collection

    Yes I really like CD's. I also now have access to streaming music as well(Amazon Music). I used to like LP's too, but I finally moved on(and now there back!). I don't understand the CD's deteriorate with time thing. I haven't run into one yet anyways.. I could just do FLAC, and be done with it...
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    Which media player for music files ?

    I've always liked playing around with ripping CD's and using Audacity. Switched to Win 10 awhile ago and was wondering what you use for a music media player. Win 10 had some groove music player and I just didn't really like it. I've heard Foobar is good but can be somewhat difficult to setup. I...
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    Wharfedale Diamond 220 crossover point ?

    So where would you recommend crossing these over to a subwoofer ? I was thinking maybe 80-100 hz ? I notioced Amir saying there was a slight boominess, anyway to eliminate this with a different crossover point ?
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    Bought Wharfedale 220 but too big for wall mount, Inwall maybe?

    I have to say this is just a huge letdown. Im afraid the Wharfedale's just stick out too far into the room. Right one is right next to a hallway leading into my living room. So I can cut holes in the wall and make a space for them, or get inwall speakers. I have about 3 1/2 inches in the wall...
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    Any AV receivers with built in equalizers ?

    I see most of the speaker reviews and most If not all need a little tweaking as far as bumps and dips in there response. Pretty sure Roon is used most of the time. I was jkust wondering If any receivers have the ability to do this as well?
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    Modding Emotiva B1+ ?

    I've read the amazing things Dennis Murphy can do to budget speakers that makes them even better. I am considering getting the B1+ for wall mounting, and be used with a subwoofer. First was wondering what mods were done to make it better by Dennis(think it was the B1, but wouldn't the mods also...
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    Wanted Pioneer SP-BS22-LR or Philharmonic modded version

    A temporary solution to no speakers at all. Maybe you upgraded and have these around. I live in New England, so hopefully your not too far away. If I can get them for $100-200 that will be OK. Its either this or some new Emotiva B1+. Let me know what you have.
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    How to adjust Parametric eq for speaker anomalies ?

    I've seen this in all the speaker reviews. A speaker is say to bright so somehow a filter is put in place to adjust the sound at a certain frquency. My question is how this is done ?
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    Polk XT15 vs Emotiva B1+

    These have both been tested here, but I was wondering for those who have heard both, what would be the differences ? I'm considering both for wall mounting in a small room 8 x 12, and using a subwoofer.
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    Help me choose temporary speakers

    My Paradigm's are shot(drivers are gone), so I have no speakers. They will be wall mounted for sure. I would like to get the Revel M55XC as they are the only Revel's I have room for, but they aren't available until June or July. Thats a long time with no music. Also using a Dayton subwoofer. So...
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    Monitor Audio Bronze 50 vs Wharfedale 220 and 12.1. Which one?

    I'm going to be wall mounting these to replace Paradigm Atoms. Driving them using Yamaha RX-V757 along with a Dayton sub. I think I would prefer a warmer sound than a harsher one. Would really like to listen to them , but in the New England area there seem to be a lack of places to do it, other...
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    Recommended Speakers ?

    Is there a list somewhere of budget recommendation, under $300, under $500, etc ? I thought I saw one when I first came, but can't really find it any longer. OK maybe I'm just going blind ?
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    Can you wall mount Elac Debut Reference speakers ?

    As I have said in another thread I'm looking for replacements for my old Paradigm Atoms. I have to say after reading the glowing review of these I'm surprised that not everyone has them. My issue is space. My whole living room is only about 10 ft 6 inches by 13 feet with the speakers on the...
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    Anyone know how the Revel Concerta2 S16 is?

    I really liked the M16 review, but the S16's look really good. I would be using them as my main speakers in my living room along with a small Dayton sub. I would be mounting them on the walls, just not sure of the height, I know it says something about 10-15 degrees above the listener. Also...
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    Paradigm Atom replacement suggestions ?

    I have an old pair of Paradigm Atom 3.2's which I use with an old Dayton sub for my main system in my small living room. Recently I got a pair of Audioengine 5+ powered speakers for my bedroom, and they sound so much better than my old Atom's. The Audioengines are much more open and detaled and...
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    DAC to use with Firestick 4K

    New member here, just getting into streaming, but long time audio guy. Recently I wanted a way to stream Amazon HD music to my Audioengine 5+ powered speakers in my bedroom. I got a Firestick 4k after doing a little research. Just so happens we have a small tv there and I use it attached to the...
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