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    Snake oil in photography

    I have been dealing with snakeoil claims in gaming computer builds for some time - most commonly how a mouse with higher polling rate will help you win, while people on this forum seem to be particularly knowlegeable about the tech in general I would like to ask their opinion on snakeoil in...
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    Why to use low THD+N DAC/AMPs when speakers have higher distortion?

    I noticed such statement mostly as an argument against gear acquisition syndrome, but what are the real-life and technical implications? Whats the relation between cleaner source and output?
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    Surge protectors

    I would like ask few questions about surge protectors and expensive cabling in general. First of all, I do not believe, and I never measured any improvement in sound based on changing cables or surge protector. Also surge protector would not likely survive direct hit by a lightning. There are...
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    Windows: Default, Wasapi and ASIO renderers.

    There is a debate why Windows has such bad sound, compared to Apple or small linux based streamers. Also there is a discussion which audio renderer or interface is best for playback. And I have to emphasize the playback specifically, because its no surprise that ASIO is great for audio mastering...
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    DOS on Vinyl

    Some 20 years ago I remastered games on audiotapes to CDs. This guy went exactly opposite direction. Yet... i have to tell that that gramophone and all the stuff on it ... Its really impressive.
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    Dealing with EM noise

    I am looking for source of few EM noise I am measuring. Following FFT graphs are average of 20 scans using 1048576 points. There is some noise at 50Hz, which is from power grid in EU (220v, 50Hz) and it got much better when I purchased better power cord, so the FFT graph is now much clearer...
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    Finished setup NAD d3020v2 + DBR-62 + desktop PC - is there anything more to do?

    So... After roughly month I finished setup of new speaker system, and I would like to run down what I have learned during the process on this forum and ask you guys, what else can be done to improve the sound quality. I will start at the speakers, moving to the source. a) Speakers I puchased...
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    Amp measurements of d3020 v2 (at home)

    I was looking for a scientific reviews of NAD d3020 v2 and some tips regarding its usage with Elacs DBR-62 and PC audio. Unfortunately there are not many scientific reviews regarding d3020v2, and I did not had experience with audio before, so i looked for and measured as much data possible and...
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    Realtek ALC1220 - a look on PC sound

    If you purchased new desktop PC in last 3-4 years you probably have one of those on your motherboard. Since I spent few last weeks trying to make it work as best I could, here are few findings: 1. Technical data about the chip were already summarized here...
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    Windows, Audio Exclusive mode and NADs (d3020) implementation of Cirrus CS42528

    I am still testing NAD d3020 v2, with Windows and various player software and to find out which connection and configuration I will use the most. I might have found an interesting solution for NADs "Flat" sound if used with Windows PC. Now, few things are known about NAD d3020 and are true for...
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    NAD amps and DACs.

    Hello i was choosing new speakers and i went for Elac DBR62, reviews here helped a lot... Source of my audio is a desktop computer DAC is Realtek ALC1220, while manufacturer AsRock sells it as Purity Sound 4, some of similar solutions have also Creative Logo on it. In general, the circuitry...
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