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    Got Airborne Magna RIsers, speaker stands for my Magnepan MMGs, and am very happy with them!

    It was a four month wait list but otherwise things went well. There are measurements for FR, with stock stands and Magna Risers on the similar LRS: (Taken from this review.) The stands have opened things up nicely. Big step up in clarity and detail, and better drive and definition in the...
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    Looking into a step up transformer for my Koetsu Black, trying to lower noise floor

    I've never tried a step up transformer before, but I'm very curious and eager to try one. Reason being that my phono stage, a Musical Surroundings Phonomena, when configured for MC use at 60dB gain, is rather noisy. There's a hiss and a hum that raises the noise floor at idle to about 45dB. I...
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    Sent my Koetsu Black to VAS to be repaired. Chose it over a new cart or new DAC, and am confident in my choice.

    VAS Inc. in NJ seems to do great work, and trustworthy to send my precious Koetsu Black for microsurgery. Much less waiting time than Soundsmith, and less red tape to cut through. Chose to do this over buying a new cart, budget wasn't too high so had my eye on an Audio Technica AT33PTG/2...
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    VTV Hypex NC252MP or VTV Purifi Eigentakt Eval-1? Which is a better fit for me?

    Hi there, Merry Christmas! Came into some Christmas money so am about to pull the trigger on one of these amps, but need a little advice first. I know that if cost were no object, the Purifi Eigentakt is an easy decision, but I'd really be stretching the budget to do so. Would I really be...
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