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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Got mine today, early Christmas present, nabbed for $479 Used-Like new from Aoshida off Amazon. Using it all afternoon I can say I love everything about it so far. Built solid and I like the feel of the buttons and volume knob. Very high quality piece. DAC sounds better with volume cranked up...
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    Preamp for Hypex NC502MP

    I have a March P502 and enjoy the clarity and fidelity very much. Was previously using a single ended tube pre (Rogue Metis) with adapters, and though it's served me well for many years, I like the sound of my DAC (SMSL DO100) plugged straight into the amp via XLR better. So I would suggest...
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    Recommended Low Cost DACs

    I just got the SMSL DO100 and it's been great. Perfectly transparent and outstanding fidelity, sounds really great straight into my amp with balanced XLRs. Using USB and optical, everything sounds wonderful, even my old large CD collection. Toe tapping good.
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    Tried the test and I was guessing the whole time. Got 9/16 correct. So 90dB SINAD is already transparent to me, I'm not that sensitive. I should've known being that I was a happy vinyl listener for the longest time, though my turntable's not even hooked up right now. Reason being I like the...
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    From a YT test I find my hearing drops off at around 14kHz, no spring chicken. Took the Klippel test and I got -21dB, right smack in the mean. I'm thinking I've reached my endgame DAC on the cheap, nice!
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    I've been pretty subjective in the past but I'm slowly coming around to being more objective. For one thing, I'm a cheapskate and not rich, so I'm priced out of the high end where subjectivity is so dominant. In the past I wanted high end high dollar stuff so bad, but as the years passed by...
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    Just got my unit today and first impressions are it's pretty great. Plugged in RCA first and liked what I heard a lot, going through a Rogue tube pre. That kept me busy for a couple hours. Then I tried balanced XLRs using my old Audio Technica cables, straight into my amp, RCA out into sub. Even...
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    SMSL DO100 Review (Stereo DAC)

    Just nabbed one on Amazon lightning deal for like $183. Lowest I've ever seen it. Super excited coming from a Sanskrit 10th mkII, will try balanced outs straight into a March Audio P502.
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    I have some ripping info. On dm1, it's quite an expensive setup, with a Bergmann Magne TT, Ortofon MC A 90 cart, and Nagra BPS (100 ohm loading) phono pre. On oott2, it's a VPI Aries II with a Lyra Titan, RIAA correction with Sox 14.3.0. Not familiar with that program but I guess software RIAA?
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    No, they're not all vinyl. The clips you picked out were the HD remasters in 24-96, approved by Mr. Page. I guess that's closer to the master, or a mastering decision for clarity, but I miss that bass.
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    I don't like seeing Bernie Grundman's good name dragged through the mud. Been watching some vids that he speaks in lately and he's quite the groovy guy, with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge to share. He's a mastering legend for good reason, and I believe he's a hero of...
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    Looking for a good performing class D amplifier that looks like a tube amplifier

    Not cheap at all but AGD does this in their Vivace Monoblocks. They put modules inside glass tube enclosures, real sexy but way out of my tax bracket.
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    Got Airborne Magna RIsers, speaker stands for my Magnepan MMGs, and am very happy with them!

    I think it should be fine. You need a speedy sub since Maggies are so fast, so a sealed should be okay. Also they integrate better on Magna Risers, with less bloated bass.
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    Got Airborne Magna RIsers, speaker stands for my Magnepan MMGs, and am very happy with them!

    Cool, I say go for it. Little Maggies on Magna Risers with a sub are giant killers in my book.
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    Got Airborne Magna RIsers, speaker stands for my Magnepan MMGs, and am very happy with them!

    It was a four month wait list but otherwise things went well. There are measurements for FR, with stock stands and Magna Risers on the similar LRS: (Taken from this review.) The stands have opened things up nicely. Big step up in clarity and detail, and better drive and definition in the...
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    I have the MMGs with a sub and I got them to work with classic rock, namely Zeppelin. Also good for reggae. Believe the sub, a 10" sealed, is crossed over at around 100 Hz. Sub has to be quick to keep up with the Maggies, and thankfully mine is. I'm getting plenty of detail, speakers are...
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    Fun with vinyl measurements

    Wow just went through this thread today, excellent resource especially for Gyro owners (proudly me). Been mulling over whether or not to get the HR power supply but it seems it doesn't offer any improvement in wow and flutter. It seems like the belt is the limiting factor anyways, mine is from...
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    Can anyone explain the vinyl renaissance?

    Yes it is damned good fun, the best! Sonics wise it is shockingly good, and IMO on a clean record is almost always preferable to the digital version. Just watched a video where a professional violin player preferred vinyl as well, citing its presence and texture as presenting a more realistic...
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    This is about the level of the noise floor in my system right now, 35 dB with phono pre at listening levels, 45 dB with ceiling fan on. The fan must be on right now in SoCal, so doesn't seem like a lot of dynamic range for me. Yet vinyl is sounding excellent with great clarity with volume up to...
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