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    Anthem MRX 740 - power amp recommendations for atmos height channels

    Would a Topping PA3s be a good power amp to run a pair of Sonance MAG6R Atmos ceiling off of Anthem MRX740? What should the volume dial on the power amp be set at to interface with the AVR? Fronts: KEF R3 + R2C L/R Surround: KEF Q150 Dolby Atmos: Sonance MAG6R Plan was to run either...
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    Denon 4700H - Denon RCA outs to External AMP w/ XLR ins -- is this a problem?

    Setting up a 5.1.4 system with 4700H running KEF R3/R2C For LCR. I am thinking about getting on waitlist for a 2 channel purify amp from Buckeye. Dylan @ buckeye is saying that amp will have XLR ins only. The 4700 has RCA outs. 1.). My understanding is I am able to assign the Front Left and...
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