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    Streaming quality

    On Amazon HD and Apple Music, how is it determined what content is at what quality (e.g. why are some albums 'Ultra HD' as opposed to 'HD' on Amazon)?
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    Wired vs Bluetooth

    How would one conduct a trial to determine whether there is an audible difference between wired and Bluetooth headphones?
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    Help with Apple Music issue

    I can no longer shuffle the songs in my library in Apple Music - on either iPhone XS or iPad. Press 'shuffle' on the 'songs' page in library, and loading starts then goes to 'not playing'. Downloaded songs can be shuffled ok. Shuffle songs works on Windows 10 PC in iTunes. Apple support had me...
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    Headphones and EQ

    Can adjusting EQ settings make (all) headphones sound the same?
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    YouTube audio quality

    What's the audio quality of a 1080p HD video on YouTube?
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