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    Neat acoustics iota speakers. Are they tiny killers or just tiny?

    In my search for the Worlds best “ tiny white speaker” I recently saw a number of reviews praising a $ 1000 tiny bookshelf speaker. Has anyone ever heard one ? I’m tempted to order a pair.
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    Bookshelf speakers on the floor?

    Mapleshade says putting your small speakers on almost floor level using their very expensive wood platforms would rise your speakers to new levels. Has anyone done this with their small speakers? If so, what did you put them on?
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    Bookshelf speakers with smooth highs.

    Due to a little tinnitus I am seeking small speakers with smooth highs. Just going by reviews has me thinking of the Wharfedale diamond 12.1, or Evo 4.1. The Quad s1. Acoustic Energy AE 300. Amphion Argon or Burkhardt S300. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Need very small subwoofer

    Due to my wife being in charge of the living room, I can only have small, white stereo equipment. I just purchased the Bluesound Powernode 2i to power the passive Audioengines P4’s. I definitely need a sub to smooth out the highs and give me some lows. Due to size constraints I am looking at...
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