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    Analysis of Paper on Measurements of RCA Cables by Kunchur (Video)

    it seems there are many people who claim again and again they can hear absolutely without a shadow of a doubt audible differences between cables (all types, shapes, and colours). they claim if measurements do not show differences between cables then those are the wrong measurements, if...
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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    Consumers can choose to buy whatever they want want at whichever price they want. Amir has shown shortfalls in the design, and maybe most buyers won't be able to detect those shortfalls while listening. But, why pay a premium price for a lackluster product and for features which are unnecessary...
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    Tortuga TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer Review

    To the owner of the buffer: have you noticed differences in sound - for better or worse - when the buffer is plugged into your system? Amir, have you tried the buffer in your system?
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    PS Audio Talking Smack About Amirm

    Best course of action for Paul to take is to show why he thinks measurements taken here are inaccurate, and use PS' measurement tools to show how they test their components. Just saying he doesn't agree with how his components were measured here doesn't cut it.
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