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    eARC extractor w/ TOSLINK 5.1 output -> TOSLINK in on Sound card -> DSP -> 5.1 audio

    I came across this eARC extractor that has a TOSLINK 5.1 output, I'm thinking of channeling that into a sound card like the Sound Blaster Z SE and trying to use an older PC as and audio preamp for up to 5.1 sound....anyone doing this? Anyone doing it on linux...
  2. M - 78 rpms has an extensive collection of ripped 78s that can be downloaded
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    Review Index Changes?

    I just wen to the review index page after some time of not using it, and it no longer provides plots or easy ways of comparative price/performance review. Is there a way to get some of the old functionality back or is it possible to download the raw data so I can filter/plot it myself? Thanks
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    Android TV System Wide Equalizer

    I'm running a simple 2 channel system TV -> DAC via TOSLINK -> active speakers. Does anyone know of a system wide EQ app that works on Android TV? I have a Sony A8H and the EQ is disabled when using TOSLINK as the output. Thank you.
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    JBL EON610/710 Hiss

    Does anyone own either of these? If so could you provide some feedback on how bad the hiss is?...I contacted JBL directly and they say there is no hiss in the EON products...I find that hard to believe... Thank you
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    Active Monitor/Speaker Hiss

    Is hiss present due to a lack of input signal, or is it present in addition to the input signal?
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    Frequency Response Scoop from 1k to 3k

    Several of the headphone response curves show a scoop from around 1k to 3k relative to the Harman curve. In particular, the Neumann NDH-20 shows this. I'm interested in this headphone, so I asked Neumann about it. Their response is below... The NDH 20 are tuned as a neutral mixing/ monitoring...
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    MoCA Network ??s

    I think I'd like to set up a MoCA network in a new rental. Anyone have any experience with MoCA good or bad? If I understand it right, I'd be getting CAT 6 from ATT FiOS, into my Apple Airport Extreme, then out to a MoCA box as a bridge to COAX and other boxes scattered around the house a each...
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    USB to SPDIF Converter - D10 vs others

    I'd like to get a USB to COAX SPDIF converter for my new active monitor setup. A Topping D10 seems to be the cheapest option, with the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 being much more expensive, though measuring better as well. Would you consider improvement found with the Matrix Audio audible?
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    REW Filter Setting in PulseEffects

    Hi all, I'm new to REW and to using PulseEffects in linux. I'm having trouble figuring out how to map the REW filter settings to the PulseEffect Equalizer. PulseEffects has several options that I'm not sure how to set...I assume the Filter Type is "Bell"...but I'm not sure of the Modes or...
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    Topping Quality Issues?

    I'm contemplating a Topping D50, my impression is that they have some quality that correct?...An Aune X8 looks interesting and is in the same price range...would that be a better choice? Thanks..
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