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  1. JaccoW

    Argon Audio

    The Solo is currently €179 on Argon Audio's own website as well as at Hifi-Klubben.
  2. JaccoW

    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    That's easy to answer. The bitterness (that some people actually like about coffee) comes from the extra heat you would otherwise put into the coffee. When I do brew it beyond its sputtering phase it gets more bitter. When I heat up cold water to a boil with a moka (so it gets exposed to heat...
  3. JaccoW

    Does anybody actually listen to "Hotel California" outside of gear demos? (answer: apparently so)

    Ha, I definitely don't want all the Boomers to die. You and I might disagree sometimes on what makes for good music but there is no accounting for taste. ;) Both my parents are in that category and I'd prefer to keep them around a bit longer. Even though I sometimes argue with my dad why he...
  4. JaccoW

    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    Depends a lot on the year. Even if they are similar when corrected for inflation that's still a lot of money the studios will gladly want. Especially since movies have gotten more expensive to make. The whole point of counter examples is to undermine the opposing argument. And since you said...
  5. JaccoW

    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    These are all box office numbers that have not been adjusted for inflation. But from doing a lot of inflation calculations in the past when digging into equivalent pricing I know that anything early 90's is usually double that in today's money. So from a studio's perspective it can be a...
  6. JaccoW

    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    As long as they rake in more money than the original the studios won't care. Aladdin: 1992 ($504m) Vs. 2019 ($1,051b) Beauty and the Beast: 1991 ($440m) Vs. 2017 ($1,264b) The Matrix: 1999 ($467m) Vs. 2021 Resurections ($157m) Mad Max: 1979 ($100m) Vs. 2015 Fury Road ($375m) Pet Sematary...
  7. JaccoW

    Does anybody actually listen to "Hotel California" outside of gear demos? (answer: apparently so)

    I'm young enough that I don't remember the Eagles being played to death in the 70's but in December one popular radio station here plays a Top 2000 of "the best songs of all time", voted for by the public. For the past 20 years it was always a fight between Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, the...
  8. JaccoW

    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    My Sony Xperia 5 III has both LDAC as well as aptX HD. When I hooked it up to an Argon Audio BT3 last year, which supports aptX HD, I was honestly blown away how much better it sounded than my Argon Audio Forte A5 active speakers that only support the standard aptX (non HD) coded. It was...
  9. JaccoW

    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    I only have a French press and a moka but lately I have been following James Hoffmann's guide to make the best moka coffee. It's an incredibly smooth taste this way and none of the bitterness. Probably some of the best coffee I've ever had. The one I have is the stainless steel Venus moka...
  10. JaccoW

    Need Advice on Purchasing New PC

    There could be two reasons for this; 1. Your PC is so old that the HDMI port doesn't support higher resolutions. (I know that was a thing on my old Sony S13P laptop from 11 years ago) 2. Some streaming services (Netflix) only allow 4K playback through browsers or apps that support certain...
  11. JaccoW

    Sony ubp-x700

    I have used the UBP-X800 blu-ray player with bluetooth in the past which sounded fine. (even though I could hear a difference compared to a good DAC). You will either need a receiver with HDMI or a DAC/headphone amp through Coax like Statis mentions above. There are many, many good vintage...
  12. JaccoW

    What is it about McIntosh?

    McIntosh probably sounds very nice but they look way too much like early 2000's PC case mods with their green and blue LEDs. Not my style. 2008 'Dark Blade' Case mod:
  13. JaccoW

    How do I wire unbalanced outputs to balanced inputs?

    There are ready-made cables available that do this. One affordable one is the Cordial CFU FC. Can be had for about €15 + shipping. Very nicely made and supple cables as well.
  14. JaccoW

    Let's talk CD Players!

    Picked up the DV9600 today to replace my DV6400 with. I knew it was bigger, but didn't entirely realize how much bigger. :D Sounds amazing even though I had to get the remote elsewhere. The seller never had it either as he got it from an uncle but replaced it for a streaming solution. Not...
  15. JaccoW

    New Topping DAC

    I kind of miss the orange display of the E50 but the volume button and high-end bluetooth connection does make it interesting to me. If they improve the remote receiver (the E50 is notorious for the narrow angle where the remote works) this would make it a viable option for use with a vintage...
  16. JaccoW

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    I can imagine a lot of them got damaged over the years or some people didn't like them all that much. I've come across some collectors who thought they looked ugly. Personally, I love the way they look and it makes it a lot safer to keep the reels on over time and not have the tape covered in a...
  17. JaccoW

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    If you want, I do have some old radio recordings from around 1985 that still sound pretty amazing, even at 3¾ ips. I'll just record them using my ADC. I believe some of the older recordings can be excellent but getting everything up to spec today is hard work.
  18. JaccoW

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    That's why I do both. ;) Recording records onto tape is a great way to make long continuous recordings of multiple records. Especially since the big ones can hold like 180 minutes on each side at 7½ ips.
  19. JaccoW

    Doctor Who - The 14th Doctor

    Haven't seen Jodi Whittaker yet but my first Doctor was Matt Smith. I'm sure Ncuti Gatwa can match the manic energy some of the past couple of Doctors were known for. Though he might have to tone it down a bit. :p I'm not entirely sure about bringing back one of the old actors. I would rather...
  20. JaccoW

    Akai GX-620 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Measurements

    I've always loved the light-up buttons on these decks. Not that I'm unhappy with my Akai GX-635D! :D I'm currently redoing my setup and I've got a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 so perhaps I'll try my hand at some measurements as well. ;)
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