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  1. Crane

    FS: Massdrop THX 789

    I've got two of these brand new from the september batch up for sale located in Los Angeles area if anyone is interested.
  2. Crane

    Looking for desktop speaker amps

    Ok, so i'm most likely looking at getting a desktop setup using the buchardt s400 for speakers and would need an amp for them within the $1k range (or less :P). Also, it would be something to send to amir for testing since not many amps have been tested around here. So if anyone has any idea of...
  3. Crane

    Speaker System choice for moderately small rooms

    Hey everyone, so in a few months I'm moving to LA for work/study. I'm most likely getting a two bedroom apartment and as such have to consider room acoustics and sizing for a new speaker system. I've been fortunate to have a friend in the area who is getting rid of their revel gem2 and voice2...
  4. Crane

    SMSL M9 DAC/Amp

    I see a measurement and work for the M8 DAC on here, I was wondering if anyone has tested the M9 which is currently being discounted on Massdrop by 70% from 450$ to 140$.
  5. Crane

    Integrated amps

    Anyone ever try integrated amps such PS Sprout100 or PeachTree for measurements and performance compared to the other dacs/amps?
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