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    Spirits, what you drinking...

    Grey Goose martini, dirty with blue chees stuffed olives.
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    Anyone been round with the power meter (UK mainly, all welcome!)

    WOW ! Here in the US I am paying about 0.14USD per KWH or about 12P. That is pence right ?
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    Do you : YES How : In large quantities
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    Focal Aria vs Arendal 1723(S) ?

    Check the outlet side of Crutchfield. Walked in a store, they have only two and I live about a n hour away, and there was a pair of 926 for about half price in the outlet. I could not pass that up ! !
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    Understanding a Speaker's Recommended Amp Spec.

    Powering a pair of Focal Aria 926 speakers with a Parasound A23+. Have had no issues and would not listen loud enough to cause a problem. The amp just lumbers along without much stress at all. A sensitivity of 92db helps.
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    Male vocals

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    Male vocals

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    Has anyone heard of Bandwidth Audio ?

    Yea it looks awesome. I'm curious about opinions about its performance.
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    Has anyone heard of Bandwidth Audio ?

    I was curious if anyone has heard of or has any information about Bandwidth Audio. All the chatter concerning the Carver Tube Amp has me curious about the company's 288 Mono Tube Amp.
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    Carver Raven 350 Review (Tube Amp)

    I'm using this as the defacto statement on measurements versus pleasure !
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    90% of People Upset at MoFi For Using Digital Masters Bought This MoFi Item With No Shame

    • How a Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire: MoFi claimed its expensive reissues were purely analog reproductions. It had been deceiving its customer base for years. (Washington Post)
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    What are we listening to right now..

    The Cars Greatest Hits
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    PreAmp/Power Amp Combo Recommendation

    I am enjoying my Parasound A23+ and P6 combo. $1,800 and $1,600 respectively so sorta out of the budget. Paired with Focal Aria 926 speakers and already hearing things on CD's I've not heard. I'm looking forward to adding the Bluesound Node later this year to stream Amazon Music HD
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    Stereophile's snide editorial on ASR and Amir

    I'm working on building a Pretty Good system, not a perfect system.
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    Best measuring tube amp
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    As a Land Surveyor, the earth is flat, when I want it to be flat ! :) As for measurements , I always looked for empirical data to start off my assessment or evaluation. BUT, I also look at, function, aesthetics, price and, yes opinions of others.
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