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    Speaker Jumpers

    "If, and only if " you have changed your standard post wiring to special jumper wires from the OEM steel jumper plates on the back of Klipsch RF7IIIS specifically, what are your thoughts on any sound changes regarding this modification. I am only interested in someone's responses that have this...
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    VTV Shipping and Duty to Canada

    I'm interested in a Purifi-based custom build from VTV. If you are from Canada, do you have any experience with their products shipped to Canada. On another note, if you are 'personally' using a new VTV Purifi-offering, how has your experience been with the product and customer service. I will...
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    Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT Class D Amp Designs

    I'm m looking for persons who have purchased the Purifi EVAL1 EIGENTAKT based systems and any build mods. I'm looking for a Canadian Supplier with track record. I live in Canada and have only found VTV so far. I'm planning on using a VTV Purifi type amplifier as a front left and right Channel...
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